Tuesday, February 28, 2012


In the last few days, I’ve talked to two of my friends who have recently lost a lot of weight.   The first friend, I’ll call her Salena (because that’s her name) lost 75 pounds in about six months.  She breezed into an office I was visiting, and I was amazed at how great she looked.   She’s lost several dress sizes, and I asked her how she was doing it…very low carbs.    Most of her carbs come from fruit.   She said she cut originally cut out the carbs for health reasons, and found that the benefits have been very worth the sacrifice.  

A second friend, whom I’ll call Jacque because…yes, you guessed it, that’s her name…has lost 100 el-bees.  She has a lap band.   Like Salena, she told me how much better she felt, and like Salena, she looked great!    I didn’t have to ask her if she ever regretted her decision…she was happy!

El-bees?   Lbs.  Pounds.   But you knew that.

I want that!   I want to feel better!   When it comes to diets, I am not good at sacrificing, and I am not good at suffering…but I am suffering with the plight of carrying extra weight and sacrificing things I’d like to do but can’t/won’t because of my weight.    The big question is:  Which suffering sacrifice will be more worth it in the long run?

Of course, I know the answer.

Now to figure out which way I can live (live being a key word) the rest of my life.   Low carb?   Lap band?  Count calories?   Count fat?   Core Plan?   Weigh-down?      And then there’s walking in freedom…I’ve come to realize that freedom is much more than just controlling the appetite.

Yesterday was a beautiful, happy, successful day, and I am very thankful.  


  1. That is the challenge to find the right plan you can stick with and stay motivated with. I like how the Bible says all things in moderation; it is finding that moderation though at times that I struggle with controlling what goes into my mouth. I'm not sure which route I would take, all you listed were doable and achievable. Its almost like you need to do a list of pros and cons on each of them and stack them up and see which one in your eyes is the right one for you. Having said that, great that yesterday was a good starting point! One day you will be that Salena and that Jacque walking into some place, lighter, and offering hope to someone else......

    one day at a time!


  2. I am going with the low carb.. My doctor has gave me an order!! lol I have lost some but it came back within 4 days of eating like a crazy person again!! lol I did feel great when I cut out all White Carbs.. Bread, corn, potatoes, anything that was a white starch.. and that great white Mexican Cheese dip! I miss that the must!! lol I know you will choose what is right for you!!


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