Friday, March 16, 2012

Doodle Me Friday

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have too many original bones in my body.   Below is a doodling idea I got from some stickers I bought.   This is a photo of it because my scanner is no longer working...I don't know if the quality would be any better if it were scanned anyway.  

My doodling preferences may explain my new purse....

 There was a wall of color in the purse section of Burke's Outlet.
I snapped pictures of my three top choices, send them to my
coworkers for a vote on which one they liked best...
the one I liked best won!   So I bought it!

I hope your Friday is peaceful!


  1. I like your doodling! Very nice! The dolphin is my favorite! I also like your new purse; very colorful! Won't lose that for sure!

    I do hope you have a great day too!


  2. Very talented! And you don't even have a gallery!

    I love Burke's. Fantastic prices on mid to upper range costume jewelry and underwear.

  3. Love the doodles. Wish I was artsy.

  4. I love the sunflower one - sandie

  5. wonderful doodles!! of course that is no surprise! :) what was a surprise was that you were letting coworkers pick your new purse!! ha!! after reading it all, i thought, ah ha, that's more like it! :)


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