Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flowers Again!

I've spent two days working on a 57 second video!  These are photos that I shot at UNA this week.   I almost waited too late, you can tell that the flowers have had better days!  There's no sound...I don't know of a 57 second song.    

After uploading this to YouTube, I see where I can make improvements for the next video, like slowing it down just a little, and using a better font.  I only hope it doesn't take me two days to make the next one.  ha!

I just may make a real entry tomorrow, with real words and thoughts and ideas...who knows! I might even make sense. When I get into bed at night, sometimes I have the very best blog morning, they're all gone.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. good job!! the more you do, the faster you'll get.

  2. Beautiful campus! Gorgeous flowers! Thanks for sticking with it to get the video made! Very nicely done!


  3. Wow. Not only is the video beautiful, but the campus shots you took look amazingly like the university I attended up here. I'm sure that the whole campus is very different (We are very small), but the bits int he video really could have been taken here at Cal U of PA.

    Great job on the video. Really. It was stunning.


  4. Great video! I know I'm prejudiced, but everyone I've ever met has commented on how beautiful UNA is. The campus in the fall is magnificent.


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