Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fiver...Five Random Thoughts

Yesterday felt like Friday all day long…now it feels like I’m having to do Friday twice.

I ate at Dales Steak House last night.   It was good, but if I go back, I won’t get the crab cakes again.   I decided to dress up a little, and I put on a pants suit type outfit, only to notice halfway through the meal my jacket was on inside out.   Thankfully, it’s pretty dark in there.

Reminds me of the time in high school when I wore my rust colored blouse inside out…like the blouse wasn’t able to call enough attention to itself.

Then there was the time at youth camp when I wore my dress the correct way, but ended up falling down in front of the older (teenager) guy I’d been ogling all night.   Yeah...missed the bench entirely, ended up in the floor.  It just wasn’t pretty.   He made some comment about it “teaching me to stare.”    I was only 11 or 12…I don’t think I looked at him again the whole week.

I’ve been scared of storms my whole life.  I’m really tired of the fear.  God and are going to have a talk about it…I think He can take care of this little thing for me.


  1. too funny that your jacket was on inside out...i've almost done that, but caught it in time. so was dale's a special occasion?? i haven't been to dale's in years. God can definitely take care of that fear!

  2. Have you ever put on two colors of the same shoe? lol sandie

  3. ah yes,... reminds me of the time I wore two different colored socks,... Enjoying the daily blogs too. It is hard to blog every day.

  4. Ha. Shoes. Even before my eyesight got so bad, I had trouble telling black and navy blue apart. More than once, I would look down before I headed out of the door and, yep, one black shoe and one navy blue shoe.

    One time, as I was getting out of the car at Walmart, I put out one foot (black shoe) then the other.....dark RED shoe. :O sigh. Fortunately, I had a pair of tennis shoes in the trunk.

    Been praying for you re: today's storms.


  5. The woman was delighted that her husband's boss and wife were taking them out to dinner and drinks afterward. Running late, she grabbed her new velvet wrap and headed for the door. After dinner, after drinks, the couple rise to leave with Mr. and Mrs. Boss, and hubby says, "Honey, why does your new stole have a zipper?" Yep, she had been wearing a pair of velvet capris all night.

    Two color shoes? I've done it. New blouse I wore the next day? It was about ten o'clock in the brightly lit ladies room that I realized one shoulder pad was missing. And speaking of blouses, do you realize how many look perfectly fine in the store, but see-thru in the sunlight? And you usually don't know this until you see every perv looking at you as you walk down the sidewalk. Glad I'm not 25 anymore.


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