Saturday, March 31, 2012

A to Z April Challenge


I just finished up a challenge to myself to blog every day for the month of March...I did miss a few days, but I was pretty consistent.    I am now joining an ABC challenge for the month of April.    (There are actually scheduled days off, so I should be fine!)

Here is an abbreviated set of suggestions for a "winning" challenge (I don't think Charlie Sheen has signed up for this challenge).   However, when I signed up, there were already over 1500 participants.   Whew!  
  • Keep your posts simple and short
  • Get a theme…helps readers to remember
  • Post every day: This one is obvious, or you'll be taken off the linky list. I think.
  • Pre-schedule:  Feel free to write posts in advance so you concentrate on visits.
  • Check Calendar:  Here
  • Turning off word verifications increases comments, not spam.
  • Visit blogs:  Start with those below you on the linky list so everyone gets love. Aim for at least 10 new blogs a day.
  • Comment love:   Comment unto those who comment unto you
  • Relax, have fun:  It is not just about quantity, it is also about quality.
 I haven't chosen a theme...though I may.  I'm getting a late start because I just found out about this challenge today.  To visit the official site, just click the banner above.   


  1. I'll be interested to visiting you during the April Challenge. Glad you'll be posting even more often!

    Just confirmed you on the SWEET TEA FB page!!

  2. Yea!! So glad you are going to do this!



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