Sunday, March 25, 2012

Late Sunday Entry...

Have you noticed the tiny little daisies lining the roads these days?   I took this picture at on the Natchez Trace today....and I played with a few filters and effects....I kinda like it.

I've been thinking for a while about writing a book.    The last chapter is already written:   I win!   There is just no way that God intends for us to fight obesity alone, nor could it possibly be His will that it is such a struggle for so many of His children!  I know there are people who won't agree with me, but I think there is true freedom for us.  Freedom where we do not have to depend upon our own power to succeed, or struggle to obtain, nor is it something where we repeatedly try, try, try, riding on a never-ending roller coaster of emotions and failure.   There is no justice in that, and the God I serve is a God of justice Who loves me.

It may be a foreign idea to some that we can have something good for which we didn't have to fight, but that's what salvation is...Christ paid the price for my salvation, and my freedom.   Why am I struggling with this?!    If you decide to hang on to the notion that you have to do something, some program, follow some diet,  I hope it works for you, but I have "done something" most of my adult life and I have gotten nowhere.    Well, that's not exactly true, I've gotten further down the road of obesity.    Friends, there is freedom.   

If you are struggling with this issue, or any addiction issue, and you look back over the years of trying, fighting and depending on our own willpower, and you are still finding it a struggle, I invite you to join me in reevaluating the situation.     

Reevaluation starts NOW;
Stay tuned.


  1. I think people might sometimes think it is so easy that it couldn't possible be true - and they make it so much harder. Isn't it wonderful to believe? sandie

  2. I'm staying tuned and interested in what the reevaluation is. I also think the last chapter should be instead of "I Win" something like "We Win" to emphasize God's involvement in setting you free :)

    really looking forward to hearing more!

    I don't think we have those kinds of daisies alongside the road here; but they sure are colorful!


    1. Definitely a we thing, because I proved I can't do it by myself.


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