Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, Monday...

If you’re looking for a funny entry, you can find that HERE and skip this post.

Otherwise, I don’t think you’ll find anything funny in my blog today, just me being serious.  At times, I write to who I think may be reading this, attempting to remain neutral, and generally end up not saying too much of any significance.   My daughter reminded me this weekend that I blog for myself…I think I may have forgotten that somewhere along the way.   So today, I’m musing just a little more in depth than most Mondays.

My Monday Musings usually have a diet reference to it.   Unfortunately, it’s rare for the “diet” to make it past Tuesday, and very rare indeed for it to make it past Wednesday.   I am clueless why the one thing that causes me such angst and frustration is the one thing I choose to do over and over and over.   I’ve tried all the diets, the gimmicks, listened to the tricks and tips, heard the comments, dealt with the insults, seen the look in the eyes of old friends who haven’t seen me in a while…I know it’s not pretty, but it is what it is.

I am now facing another warm weather season in worse shape than the last warm season, after having promised myself that “next year will be different” for the twenty-hundredth time.    Next spring, next summer, next holiday, next Christmas, next time…but it’s always the same story, instead of going down, the scales go up.   It’s very disheartening. 

I may blog about it daily this week…I may not…rest assured I won’t make a commitment to blog about it indefinitely.   I just don’t want to spend that much time dwelling on it.   This problem has already stolen most of my adult attention, and I am tired…so weary…of dealing with it.  

I’m not pitiful, nor am I depressed, but I am confused.  I do not understand why so many of us have this problem…but I do believe there absolutely is an answer.   I truly do not know what that answer is…

Today…today I will just work on not over eating, that’s all.    I won’t consume time and energy thinking about/evaluating/obsessing over/counting every morsel that goes into my mouth.    


  1. I know that you know that I could have written this post. In fact, I sort of have written this post many times, haven't I?

    And, for now, I've pretty much come to the same conclusion and plan as you have.

    Probably last year, I wrote that i "just needed me some normal" in reference to the obsession aspect that you mentioned here. I have ignored that post to my own detriment or, worse, let "normal" be me overeating.

    Because of a couple of health conditions, I must eat low carb and gluten free, so "normal" for me must take that into account. If I didn't have those medically induced restrictions, my plan would be so"diet" gimmick sounding. :}

    So. My plan is: I will stick to low carb and gluten free food. I will not overeat them. I also will not measure, weigh or obsess, but I will, instead, simply confine my eating to three meals a day.

    This is not a new plan for me..........I just have to follow it. sigh. That's the tricky part.

    But here's the thing, if I really want food to leave center stage of my life, if I really want it to sit down and be quiet--then I have to act/eat like I want that.

    We shall be free.


  2. I don't know why some struggle and some don't. I suppose if we had that answer we could fix it somehow and be rich. So we struggle. All you can is what you do, try to do the best you can one day and then try to repeat the same pattern over and over again.



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