Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Musings...

Dear Self:
You might consider wearing your glasses more.  Admittedly, block letters are a little hard to read, but that was a BAR cake at Sam’s, not a BRA cake.  

Dear Lady Talking Loudly on Cell Phone to Your Mother:
Did you realize that everyone in Sam’s heard your angry conversation with your mother?  As you stomped down the aisle yakking away about “her” (whoever she was), people were stopping and watching the spectacle that you were.   By the way, when you’re angry, you get your words mixed up and say things like, “It was her, Mother!  She went around back because she has a gate to the key!”   I wonder if she keeps it on her keychain?

Dear Coupon Lady:
It took you 15 minutes to check out at WalMart with all your comp pricing and coupons.   I wonder how much money you saved, and I wonder if it was worth the hassle of all the clipping and price comparing.  I don’t want to spend triple time in the checkout lane, but I’d love to save some bucks on my groceries.

Since I don’t ever see crazy looking people at WalMart, does that mean I’m one of them?

Dear Diet:
Grrrrr   Only 1 pound?   Well…I guess I did eat too much over the weekend.

Dear March:
I’m so thankful you are a short working month!   Come on, Spring Break!!


  1. Yea to look forward to spring break!! One pound is a great loss, it is heading in the right direction. LOL about the bra cake, I'm sure that made you do a double take!

    enjoy the day!


  2. Haha. I remember spring break. I used to save so much work for "when I would be off and have time" that I barely slept! Those were the days.

    You know, I don't see crazy people at my WalMart, either, but I stopped in a WalMart that was closer to Pittsburgh and WOW! I was kind of scared to walk around in it. :o Very freaky people.

    Hmmm. Or maybe it's just that I'm so used to my "own" freaky people that we all look normal to me. Hmmm. I wonder how many people I scared at the Pgh WalMart/


    1. You are funny! Let me say I understand too! Especially the eyes. sandie


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