Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Musings


Dear UNA:
Thank you so much for a week off!  

Dear Facebook “Friend”:
I enjoy reading some of your “inspirational shares.”   However, when my whole wall is your 47 shares of quotes, quips, and cartoons…well, it makes me want to change your status to “Hide all.”

Dear Other Facebook “Friend”:
Why do I have 74 game requests from you?   I promise I'm not going to change my mind and start playing this game.

Dear Junk Room:
I fully intend to wipe you out this week.   You ain’t pretty and it won’t be fun, but when I’m finished with you, I will have my very own “studio” and a new bedroom for the kids…  

Dear Self:
Will you really want the kids sleeping in your new “studio?”   You know, if you don’t put a daybed or a futon in there, it won’t be an option!

Dear Spring:
Please don’t pull a fast one on us and frost over all the beautiful blooms and buds…

Dear God:
I give thanks to You, for Your love endures forever.   I praise You for the splendor of Your Holiness.  (2 Chronicles 20:21)  

Dear Gentle Reader:
The above Bible quote “Give thanks to the Lord, for His love endures forever” is an impromptu song David sang when the ark of the covenant was restored to Jerusalem, and it was sang again by men appointed by Jehoshaphat before they whipped the Ammonites and Moabites, a battle which was over quickly, but it took three days to carry off the spoils they won in the war.   If you’re going through a “war,” sing praises.   The battle is not yours; it belongs to the Lord.  Praise Him!


  1. I love that thought to give praise to God even in a battle because you are right, the battle belongs to him and he is fighting each and every one of them.

    Oops, spring break last week, not this week; I was a week off, hope it was a good one, sounds like it was if you are considering to do a bit remodeling around the house with the junk room. I say keep it just for you as a studio if you can!


    1. No, spring break is this week, and I am so thankful!!!

  2. I have to say your picture of the dogs nose got me today. Our spring break is next week. sandie

  3. Re: Spring. sigh. We've had unusual, to say the least, weather in Pittsburgh this month. We had 11 days in a row that were over 70 degrees--and 4 or 5 of them were near or over 80! The last time we saw 80 degrees in march was 1907!

    So we went from winter to spring to summer over a 2 w3eek period.'s back to winter. :( Tonight is forecast to hit the low 20s. Yep. TWENTIES. :o

    Buuut, spring will be back soon! Wahoo! And I am grateful for the lovely "ttease" that we had. :D

    About the studio. As soon as I read you were putting a bed n there, I wondered if you'd regret it. Hard to say. Depends on how interesting your grands will find your studio bobbles. :}


  4. i say share your studio with the grands!! :) that way they will always feel welcome at nana's. yes, i hope my next storm, i'll be much better at praising thru the storm!!

  5. Here in Lauderdale County, we have developed a strange tradition. UNA, Florence City Schools, and Lauderdale County Schools all take spring break at a different time. This is just to make things nice for the father that teaches at UNA, the mother that works in the Lauderdale system, and the kids that attend Florence City. After all, they didn't really want to vacation together, did they?

    1. Not this year...everybody is off at the same time...County, City and UNA...not sure about across the river, though.

    2. Good deal. I don't think that's happened in a decade.


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