Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Musings...The "All About Me" Edition

Dear Body:
Whoa!   What happened?   You’re letting one measly missing hour slap you around?!  

Dear Brain:
Quit thinking about what you look like, and concentrate on becoming a more positive you. 

Dear Ego:
Thy name is Pride.  You have stopped me from doing many things in my life...and you're trying desperately to stop me from going to my class reunion this summer, all because I don’t like the way I look.  

Dear Panic:
Oh, be quiet!   You have 4.5 months to lose some poundage.

Dear Diet:
Your presence is requested until Body, Brain, and Ego can make a lifelong habit of you.

Dear Face:
What is going on with your skin?   What?    You say 48 years does that to a person?   Cut it out!   I think I’ve finally figured out why I want to start humming “Puff the Magic Dragon” when I look in the mirror…puffy eyes and draggin’ skin.   But where's my magic youthful skin potion?

Dear Memory
Why can't I keep thoughts in my head for more than a minute?   I’ve had some pretty good ideas…if only I could remember them!

Uhm…ah…Never mind.  I can’t remember.


  1. LOL with Puff the Magic Dragon; love an aging face (not). If you really want to go to your reunion, I say "go for it". Never had much of a desire to go to the later reunions, but I didn't keep up with people from high school. Just keep thinking positive; capture those negative thoughts and throw them away!


  2. I hear ya, sweetheart. All of it. Well, except for the "48" part. Now that I'm SIXTY, you may put everything you wrote in CAPS if I were

    sighhhhhh.Bill and I started our "Get fit for the Smokies" push today. We'll be in Tennessee for a few days in May. I'd like to stroll along some of the trails, enjoying nature and foregoing heart attack. Again--> sighhhhhhh.

    We'll push on together, we three. :)



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