Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Question For Believers

Friday Eve!   It’s going to be a stormy one…but at this time nothing scary severe is brewing.   I’m very thankful for that.  

Yesterday’s No Negativity endeavor went fairly well, I think.   There was that one moment last night when I snapped at Ole Boy…but all in all, I passed the challenge.   For some reason, I was a little blue by the time I got to church.   It crossed my mind that instead of exploding, I must have imploded with all my niceness…but the mood didn’t last long.   Being nice and positive doesn’t kill you!  

A Question for Believers….

Several years ago, I was listening to Charles Stanley on the radio talk about prayer.   He said something that I didn’t quite agree with, and I’ve thought about it a few times over the years…and I still don’t agree.   He stated that the only prayer God hears a sinner pray is one for salvation.   I would think if that were true, then he couldn’t hear anything that was going on in the world, unless it was coming from or happening to one of His children.   I think He’s much more aware than that...and that He knows everything that's said and done.   What do you think?   Does God only hear a prayer for salvation from an unsaved person?


  1. I think that misconception comes from the verse about a Pharisee? making that statement. God didn't make that statement. He does say that the fervent prayers of a Christian avail much. So I'd rather have a Christian pray for me than an old roue, but that doesn't mean God wouldn't hear him.

  2. I don't think Charles Stanley meant that God could not PHYSICALLY hear the unbeliever;s prayer literally. God hears and sees everything. I think the point was that God doesn't acknowledge/respond to an unbeliever's request for anything other than salvation.

    (Haven't we said to our children something to the effect that until they changed their attitude, we weren't going to hear anything they had to say?_

    I think God "not hearing" unbelievers is generally true. I also think that God makes exceptions as He pleases. :)


    P.S. Perhaps we need to get our husbands on board with this negativity-free thing.

  3. I can answer from my own experience. When I was "un-converted" if that's a word I prayed to God, whom I didn't know, to help me when my life was in danger, and other terrible things I don't want to mention on the internet. I knew there was a god because my prayers were answered in miraculous ways. I just didn't know Who was answering the prayers. But it suuuurrrrreeeee made me curious about Who the Answerer is!!!

  4. I've thought about this throughout the day today; read your post this morning. First of all; glad to hear the no negativity day was a positive experience! Now to make it a lifestyle, right?

    I think Charles Stanley is trying to define God with how he thinks God should be. I'm not an expert, but I sure haven't read anything in the Bible that says God doesn't hear all prayers, from believers or nonbelievers alike. I believe God hears all things, knows all things. Now the interesting thing is, and this is what I don't know nor ever will this side of eternity, is why God chooses to answer the prayers that he does in the way that he wants to and why you and me may pray the exact prayer and yours might be answered and mine never answered the way I pray it. I think we can't limit God in our thinking. He is sovereign, he pretty much does want he wants. I think that includes what he hears and what he answers. I think we reduce him if we say he only hears this or hears that. But that is my humble opinion :)


  5. James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
    This can be interpreted different ways I'm sure. It is kind of self explanatory though. A Christians prayer is obviously heard. Is a non Christians prayer heard? I can't answer that. But in my life I'd have to say yes. Of topic a bit but God answers all prayers with a yes, no or not right now answer. The term unanswered prayers grates on my nerves.

  6. *Off not of,... not enough coffee yet lol


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