Thursday, March 15, 2012


Egads!   I missed posting yesterday.  I’m going to forgive myself for missing a day, and I almost certain that no one noticed.   I might have even gotten away with it had I not just admitted it.  By the way, according to my spellcheck, “egads” is not a word; according to Google, it is.  
Spring blooms around my house
There are many people whom I consider my friends, I even have people I consider very good friends that I’ve never met in person.   Sometimes, there’s just a connection there, and a wonderful friendship is formed.   Over my life, some of my friends have moved away and we’ve lost contact, but every once in a while, distance doesn’t break the bond.     My childhood friend Tammera is such a friend.   I’m very thankful that she has been so good to keep up with me over the years, because I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the best keeper-upper. 

UNA Flowers
Another great friendship was formed over the last few years, and she too, moved away.   For me, making a connection with another person is fairly rare, and when it happens, I don’t like for it to be uprooted.   But it was…uprooted…life happens, and she and her family live far away from Alabama.   She called me a few weeks ago and told me she’d be in town this week, and we planned a night for us to just catch up.   Last night was that night, and we spent a few hours over dinner talking non-stop.   It was so great to see her…when I got home, it was getting late, and when I got into bed, I remembered I hadn’t made my daily post.   I didn’t even care. 

View from my parent's back yard.

At the restaurant, there was a lady sitting a few tables from me, right in my line of vision.   I knew she looked vaguely familiar.   I figured if I asked her name, I’d figure out who she was, but I didn’t, of course.   When she and her husband were leaving, she stopped by my table and asked me if I was Gina.   I told her that was my sister…she was Gina’s third grade teacher!   Considering that my sister is in her 50’s now, that’s been a day or two!   She was still a teacher when I was at that school, but she never taught me.  I was impressed with her memory (even if it was just a little faulty).

Have a good Friday Eve!


  1. I did see that you hadn't posted yesterday! So you were missed with it, but I am glad you were able to spend some time with your friend; I know she is near and dear to your heart, even though she may be miles away. That time spent with her is far greater than any time spent making a post, I do believe!

    Wonderful memory of that teacher too! I hope I have a similar memory at that age!


  2. Love those spring blooms! None here yet, although we've had unusually warm weather this week for Pittsburgh. (It's actually in the 70s! Should be barely 50 degrees.) Our blooms are about a month away.

    Very coll to get together with an old friend. Glad you had fun.


  3. Oh my goodness I loved those flower photo's today. sandie

  4. Nice photos. We both have peach trees!

    1. Hey Dino! Actually, this is my neighbor's tree...and I was sure it was an apple tree! haha I never did know much about blooms!


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