Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Unpopular Truth

Yesterday, I read Bristol Palin’s blog entry to President Obama.   It was well written, and she made some very valid points.   Mainstream media headlines, of course, are saying that Bristol “attacks” Obama.   The comments made about her blog in Huffington Post (not on her blog) are nothing but derogatory, insulting and downright mean.   Odd that everyone defended Sandra Fluke when Rush Limbaugh called her an ugly name, she even got a phone call from the prez himself, but when Bill Maher says much worse about Bristol and her family, many people only add insult to injury. 

These days, the only people it’s ok to “bully” are Christians and Republicans.  It reminds me of a scripture from the Bible:  “And this is the condemnation, that light came into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.  For every one that does evil hates the light, nor does he come to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.”   (John 3:19-20)

Before anyone blows a gasket, I am not suggesting that Republicans are the light of the world.  Christ is the light of the world.  As we all know, some Republican politicians, as well as Democrats, come with a boatload of personal issues.   On this particular post, I am referencing the differences between the major political parties on issues such as abortion and the definition of marriage; not necessarily taxes, economics, or governmental policy. 

People can be ruthless when one dares to disagree with their way of thinking on the major issues of the world today.   If you take a public Biblical stand against homosexuality, premarital sex/adultery, or abortion you better have your armor on, because you will have just invited war upon your own head.   Too many people who know/believe the truth keep silent because of the fear of backlash.  But, if you do stand up for the truth, no matter what others say, don't apologize for it.

The Bible has lost its authority in the hearts of mankind.   I suppose, if one chooses to live life in a worldly way, it’s easier to believe that there is no God of the Bible, because if there’s no God, there’ll be no judgment.   I think people forget (or perhaps don’t know) that they don’t clean themselves up, they accept Christ, and He does that for us.  He sets us free.  Then again, many don’t want change, they want the darkness.

This post reminded me of a song the Staplers used to sing at the Pentecostal Church on Tuscaloosa Street in the 70’s.    Of course I didn’t find them on YouTube, but I did find DC Talk.

Life was filled with guns and war
And all of us got trampled on the floor
I wish we’d all been ready
Children died, the days grew cold
A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold,
I wish we’d all been ready.
There’s no time to change your mind,
The Son has come, and you’ve been left behind.


  1. Loved this post.

    The intolerance of those who berate Christians for being intolerant has always amazed me. It is even worse, much worse, than when I discovered this weird little phenomena in the late 80s.

    I went back to college in 1986, when I was 34 years old--and a Spirit-filled Christian. Now I wasn't completely naive. I knew I was on the world's territory, there on that little liberal arts college.

    And I was a social work mamor; can't get much more liberal minded than that! (The fact that Christians started what is now social work in response to Matthew's call to feed, clothe, visit, etc. is totally ignored other than as an "oh, by thw way...")

    Anyway, the "toelrance mantra" was in full-swing in my classrooms, and much as it is today in the media. BUT when I respectfully stated my differing view, well---> :O. Uh-hmm. Tolerance wan't what I got.

    Although, I have to admit that I was well-liked by students and profs. I think they chose to "overlook" my obnoxious beliefs because I really did deliver them rerspectfully and with appropriate timing. I mean, I knew where I was...and where I had come from, too. I was once them.

    And I earned their respect by my academic performance. work ethic, wilingness to help, too. I was voted the OUtstanding Woman Graduate for the School of Social Work when I graduated.

    I learned several things. First, stand fearlessly for the truth, no matter the consequences. Second, don't be a flake. Work hard, do your part, and don't be popping off inappropriatly. Fourth,be determined to receive abuse gracefully and without losing your temper. If youi can't take it on the chin for truth, shut up!

    Even tho I walked on the world's turf for 8 years, receiving much criticism with sneers, I find myself recoiling at the vitriol that is sent our way. As I said, it is worse, far warse, than ever. Proof that we're in the end times.


  2. I haven't heard about this until I read this post but it makes me mad that you are right. It is sad that in this day and age if you stand for what you believe in no matter what that is you will be attacked by people who think differently than you do. I love to hear others points of view and their reasons behind why they think that but others don't have the same respect for my views & beliefs.

  3. good post and comments! we are truly in the end times. i can almost hear the staplers now singing that song....

  4. The Bible has lost its authority in the hearts of mankind...how true it is .... and greatest among the what the world would call Christians....we are in the last hour ...I truly believe this...thank you for stopping by my blog today and commenting.....

  5. Bristol Palin did bring up very valid points; well written. I guess we should expect the persecution we get in the media and other places, Jesus said it would happen and sure enough it is. Regardless, God's kingdom is going to be advanced and those that think they can stand in the way or harass or belittle or degrade, one day they too will stand before God and one day and give an accounting.......So we just continue doing what we are doing and get ready to take on the darts that will be thrown our way......

    good thoughts


  6. The Bible states that Christians are not to be of this world. I think the derision has always been present, but with today's media we see almost immediately how anyone with morals is scoffed at.

    Bill Maher in particular is repulsive, yet the Huntsville Dems are eagerly awaiting his appearance in their fair city...and many women will line up to see him. Frightening.

  7. As I read this, Ch 31 has a story about the continued vandalism at Shoals Christine School. The media excuses Bill Maher as he is a 'comedian'. If he would stand on stage and yell for everyone to run as there is someone with an AK47 would that still be considered funny? I would like to stand there and wait on him with some rotten garden tomatoes. The ones in the store are too hard.


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