Monday, April 30, 2012


I hope my new short story doesn't put you to sleep!

The Zircus

As soon as my alarm went off this morning, I zipped out of bed!   I didn’t bother with the snooze button even once because I needed to get a jump start on my day.   My project needed a few finishing touches, and I needed to zero in on the best way to stop the new guy, Zachary, who has been zigzagging his way around my ideas, from presenting them to the boss as his own.  It’s my plan to make sure I’m one-up on him today, and by the time we reach the meeting later this morning, Zach will have zilch to show for his zestful attempts to take credit for my hard work.

Stepping outside, I noticed the sun dancing on the dew like a cubic zirconium with a zillion sparkles covering the lawn like a zealous lover attempting to propose.   I was sure it was going to a great day!   And indeed, the morning was going fairly well; I was zooming around pulling things together before our meeting, when suddenly, I slipped on a slice of zucchini someone dropped on the sidewalk.  Ain’t that a zinger?   In the cartoons, it's always a banana peel…for me, it’s a green-peeled vegetable!  Just one more reason to steer clear of all things green.   As I gathered my things up that were scattered about the sidewalk, I realized I had a small rip in my pants.  

When I finally made it to the office, I noticed that Zach’s shirt was an unattractive zebra print, and with any luck his attire would stand out more than my tiny rip in the..ah…rear zone of my khakis.   As the meeting progressed, Zach was talking non-stop in a jazzed-up nervous jabber, and I began to feel like a zoo keeper in a circus!   Yes, that’s what I said; it was a cross between a zoo and a circus in that room, a zircus, if you will, and I finally had enough.

I zapped Zach in mid-sentence, and tried zero in on the one reason we were meeting, which was to zestfully approach the best way to land the Zingerman account, and the person who had the strongest campaign would land this account…and I wanted that commission!   However, our boss, Zeb, suddenly informed us that he was going to take charge of the Zingerman account, and he would present the best assignment himself.

Zachary was so white, one could have mistakenly thought zinc oxide was on his face.   Zeb asked me to present my ideas first, and I have to say there was a moment that I felt my designs were surely superior, and Zach was just wasting his time.   After presenting my project with no small amount of zeal, I sat back to watch Zach pale in comparison.    It was his first time pitching ideas to Zeb, after all, and he did look as if he were ready to toss his cookies.

Imagine my surprise when I actually liked Zach’s presentation, which was more of a compliment to my own ideas than direct competition.   It occurred to me that all of Zach’s zigzagging may have actually been a zany attempt of the new guy trying to learn rather than trying to steal.  Perhaps I’m a little too cynical.   I was even a little apologetic for mentally accusing him of throwing the dreadful sliced zucchini down that caused my zip-up on the sidewalk.   Of course, the apology was as mental as the accusation.  

I finally came to my senses and suggested to Zeb that he combine both projects and present them to the Zingerman group, and he thought that was the best way to go, as well.    Now I’m just worn out, mentally and physically.   On the next big project, I think I’ll spend less time keeping my ideas from Zach, and more time utilizing his energy to help make a pretty dynamic presentation.   In other words, I’m going to join the zircus. 

And this, my Friends, is the end of the A to Z challenge, which I have completed, every day, in a timely manner.  Go me!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


A to Z...I can't believe there's only one  more letter to go!

Yellow Pansy

Yellow anthers on a red lily. 

This is a photo of some sunflowers Ole Boy grew last year...
I was playing around with it on my photo editor, and
this effect is "seamless tiling."   I kinda liked it.
Plus, it's yellow!   yay!
To see the original photo, click HERE and scroll down a little.

I believe this is what can be referred to as "over yonder."
(Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN)

Youth...I am a teenager (in blue)
with my sister on the beach


Photobucket and Baby Samara...
who is now 5 years old!

Why for Y...
  • Why do dogs howl at sirens?
  • Why does Monday through Friday dragggg by, but Saturday and Sunday are gone in a blink?
  • Why are pizza and chocolate so tempting?   (not together, of course...although...chocolate pizza...)
  • Why do healthy people park in handicapped reserved spaces?
  • Why are some weeds pretty?   Who decided they were weeds and not wildflowers?
  • Why does ignorance sound louder than any other voice?
  • Why would someone believe they came from an ape?   That's an entry all to itself.
  • Why does just a little salt make such a big difference?
  • Why don't I have any Z ideas??   Z photos?  Zzzzz...I have nothing!

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Hunted X

Can you find the X Factor?

For some, you don't need to use your imagination...


...For some, perhaps you do.

Poor baby behind a chain link fence.


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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A "W" Trip


Water...Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlingburg, TN
Ole Boy and I try to make to the GSM at least once
in October each year.   We are not opposed to visiting
other times, as well.   I love the moutains.


Wheels.    These cannons are at Shiloh National Military Park
near Savannah, TN.   Ole Boy and I like to explore inside our little box
that is north Alabama, southern Tennessee, and eastern Mississippi.  


Orchids in the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN.   We have spent
February weekends in Nashville so many's where we
often go to celebrate my birthday.   Usually, we take the scenic
route and make several stops along the way, including visiting
town squares (Columbia and Lawrenceburg, TN) or taking our time
meandering along the Natchez Trace.   At the end of the Trace is 
Nashville...and a quaint little restaurant and shopping area called
Loveless Cafe.   


This is called an Anthurium.  I like the red ones better...
Opryland Hotel's walkway is lined with many of these, along 
many other beautiful flowers.  If you ever have the chance, 
stop in and walk around the hotel.   (Click the link above
for a virtual tour of the inside of the hotel.)


These azaleas were in full bloom at UNA, which is 
one of the prettiest campuses in the South!


This was the prettiest Iris I have ever seen.   It was at my
brother-in-law's house this spring.   The picture doesn't 
even come close to showing it's beauty.

Pansies.   I wish I could tell you where these were taken...
But I just cannot remember!   Aren't they beautiful, though?


Wings...these are Sea Gulls in Orlando, Florida.   They are
a little different than the ones that come to the Shoals each year.


Woodpecker in my back yard.  

I can't believe it's nearly the end of April, and the end of this Challenge.   I was bragging today that the Queen of Incompletion has not only not missed a day of posting in this challenge, but I have also read an entire book, and written a short first attempt.   Master Procrastinator no more!   I doubt very seriously I will agree to post every day next month, but I think I will make some read another book.  I hope you enjoy your Friday Eve.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A to Z...we've arrived at V

Roadside Fruit stand in Virginia
I never did see any antiques.
I didn't look in the "Rustic Restrooms" either...
I figured that couldn't be a good thing.

Amber Falls  Vineyard in the Wintertime...

And when there's fruit on the vine

Weather Vane (Deibert Park)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Little U for You...

Scenery from the University of North Alabama

These little guys are everywhere!

Flowers and butterflies dot the campus


Beautiful Fall

The Stone Lodge
Bibb Graves

I think this is a sundial.

Winter...a rare snow! 


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Museday Tuesday

We take a break from the regularly scheduled Alphabet to bring you Museday Tuesday...because it's not Monday for Monday's Musings (how I've missed them) and don't want to wait for Thursdays Thunderings!   Enjoy:

Dear WalMart Cashier:
I wish I had been brave enough to whip out my trusty camera and video you.   I think you’d be dismayed…I know your bosses would be.

Dear Man in UNA Parking Lot:
I tasted your cologne when I walked past you.  Not that I wanted to, it was in no way pleasant.   A little dab will do ya!

Dear College Chicks:
The warmer it gets, the more skin you’re showing…when you looked in the mirror before you left home, didn’t you see what we see (too much of you!)?

Dear CoWorkers:
Stay away from the SF chocolate cream pie at Garden Gate.   I think you scared your family (perhaps scarred them, too)…and frankly, I’m worried about minor explosions.

Dear Young Parents in Walmart:
I really wanted to take your little girl into my arms and say, “You is kind, you is smart, you is important!”  Your kids are only little for such a very, very short time.

Dear Ron Artest:
A violent elbow to your opponent’s head?  Really?  Changing your name doesn’t make you any less disgraceful than you ever were.

Dear Brad and Angie:
Engaged, eh?    :::shaking my head::: 

Dear Huffington Post:
Can someone please proofread articles for spelling and those mass grammatical errors before publishing them?   Some of your contributors are making your leftist rag look ridiculous.   Oh, what a minute….

Dear Blogger:
I am not loving your new look…nor anything that comes with it.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tulips for Today!

A to Z and T!
Today is all about Today...
and Tulips!

In the A to Z challenge, we are up to T

But I am also participating in a Community Challenge
and it's all about Tulips!







I have to be honest and say I *think* all of these are tulips!

Today is all we have to deal with for these next  twenty-four hours.   We should manage it  thoughtfully and wisely, and quit letting the worries of tomorrow interfere with enjoying  today.  We can walk  through whatever  trials come our way if we remember we only have to deal with today.   Remember  that the God who created you didn’t leave you to fend for yourself, but He has promised to provide for us and protect us.   I am so  thankful.

I hope your Monday is as beautiful as you are
…and you are beautiful, even if you don’t know it…
May you be blessed beyond your expectations.
If you'd like to see more tulips, visit
Community Photo Challenge

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