Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Goofy

I had a completely different G post in my head, but last night’s dinner conversation will definitely be more interesting.  I’ll start in the middle of some of our conversations…

Me:    It’s just a random thing.
Alex:  What’s random?
Me:    When you can pick anybody at any time.   You can pick me or her or her (as I pointed to others).
Alex:  (completely serious) Or pick a booger?
Me:    (laughing) yes, even a random booger.

Me:    (to the server) Could we get a pitcher of water?
Alex:  (amazed that I would ask such a silly thing)  You don’t need a picture!  Just look outside, there’s lots of water!!

Alex: (not sure where this fit into the conversation)  You have to go outside to smoke beer.

Alex: (Listening to the restaurant music) This is my very favorite song….to interrupt.

Me:    What are the plans for tomorrow?
BIL:  I was thinking of a butt roast…
Alex: BUTT roast??!!!  BUTT roast?!!?  (fits of giggles)

Who is Alex?  
I’m glad you asked!  

He’s my great-nephew,
(who asked permission to make a goofy face
when I told him I was going to take his picture.)

Every winter, gulls come to visit Deibert Park...
some stay, but most of them leave by Spring.  


Gulls on the Gazebo

Gulls and Geese


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  1. Alex is adorable - despite his goofy photo, I could tell!
    I love how little boys minds work and there is never
    anything funnier than "boogers" at that age! LOL!!
    "G"ee,what a "g"reat "G" post!!

  2. Well this veered off a bit! But it brought a chuckled and the gulls, geese and gazebo are charming! Happy Easter' peace and praise!

  3. The banded gulls are my favorite part of winter here in the Shoals. Thanks for the wonderful pics of them.


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