Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The J Post

Japanese Maple Seed
Jewel weed
Joe Wheeler Marina

Here's a poem I finished just this morning about Someone I love dearly:


I’m in His hand, tucked under His wing,
Because I can’t stand any longer.
He’ll hold me here, where I’m safe from fear;
Giving strength to make me stronger.

He holds me in the palm of His hand,
Giving comfort while I’m crying.
He gives me help for one more step
When I get so tired of trying.

I’m in His hand, and under His wing,
When my soul is simply shattered.
He holds me near, His voice I hear,
'Til my heart doesn’t feel as tattered.

His hand firmly placed me under His wing,
Without Him, where would I be?
He dries my tears, calms my fears,
And I'll serve Him devotedly.


  1. your photography is magnificent, love the tulips in your header and that maple seed is stunning

  2. Beautiful poem!! You summed up Jesus so very well here (and he's so much more :)

    Great pictures! I never saw a Japanese maple tree; so very pretty and colorful!


  3. So beautiful! Great post.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding

  4. didn't miss the j's!! :)


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