Saturday, April 14, 2012

MMMmmme!! M is for Margaret

M is for....Margaret...more, I'm sure, than you want to know!


The Great Smoky Mountains
In case you didn't guess...I love the mountains...


Mount Dora, Florida

Memorial Amphitheater (UNA)

The view of the moon from my back yard.


Monarch Butterfly
(also in my back yard)

And a few little things about me....

1.   I’m opinionated, but I have learned I don’t always have to share what I think.   If I’m not adding much to the conversation, I probably disagree with what you’re saying.    Sometimes, I don’t say what I should say...more often, I say what I shouldn’t. 

2.   I comment too much on the Huffington Post.   They are as left winged as they can possibly be, and I lean very much to the right.   I should delete my account and not read the comments.   We live with some crazy people…I think that’s what they say about me, too.

3.   I talk to other drivers...usually, not very nicely…and I have decided to work on that.    I don’t cuss them, but I suppose calling them idiots is something akin to saying “Raca.”   I don’t really want to go there.

4.   I wish my whole extended family could get together more.   Once upon a time, we had regular family reunions.   Not so much anymore.   We spent Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg some years ago…it was wonderful.     I miss us.    Most of us anyway.  ::::grin::::

5.   Some of the cutest, sweetest, most precious kids in the world belong in my family.

6.   I fear where our country is headed.   People are wretchedly deceived. 

7.   I live with fear too much…also something in my life that needs a little a lot of work.   God is showing me that living with fear affects my walk with Him.   Fear is stupid, and stupid gets on my nerves!

8.   I’m really glad that Paul said “The good that I want to do, I do not do; but the evil I do not want to do, that I do…wretched man that I am.”   (Paraphrased Romans 7)   I fully, wholly, completely understand that, and I’m thankful that I am not alone.

9.   I never thought much about middle age when I was younger.   Had I thought about it…I don’t think I would have imagined my life is it is…the good of it, nor the not so good.   When I say that I am blessed, I could not mean it any more.   I. Am. Blessed.    God is so good to me, I ought never complain.

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  1. good, enjoyable post. great pix. is that why you are so quiet when we visit?? hehehe

  2. Loved your moon picture! I liked reading the facts about yourself. I'll have to check out Huffington Press, but not sure I can add another thing to my online time, LOL :)

    Your grands are very cute/adorable/beautiful/handsome indeed!


  3. Amen! :) LOve your thoughts and photos.

  4. I like M for YOU! And I especially agree with number 7. Things are changing and I wonder how many people see. sandie

  5. Great pictures. It's always fun to learn about people.

  6. So much in your about me's that I would agree with. Having moved to L.A. from the Smokey Mountain area in East Tennessee I share your love for that region. I hope I can go back to live there one day.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out
    Try my networking experiment

  7. I love, love, love the fullmoon picture!!!!!


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