Monday, April 9, 2012

A to Z ... H!

~In the A-Z Challenge, it's time for some H ideas~

Hydrants at Joe Wheeler Marina (The Shoals)

Horses (The Shoals)

Amish Haystacks (Ethridge, TN )

Cheoah Dam (Graham and Swain Counties, NC)
This is the dam that Harrison Ford jumped from (or his double)
in the movie, "The Fugitive." 

Red Shouldered Hawk

A poem I wrote about who God is to me...

He Is All To Me

He’s my teacher when I ask for wisdom,
Crying out in an unashamed voice, 
My forgiver when I’m off my knees,
And knowingly make a wrong choice.
Patient endower of knowledge,        
While in ignorance I seek to know,
As I grasp, at times rather blindly,
Trying to learn what He’s trying to show.

He’s my defender when I need protection,
My freedom when in chains I’m bound,
An ever-present, calming deliverer,
When my bonds have kept me down.
He picks me up and helps me stand
When finally I submit;
A solid Rock to place my feet
When He pulls me from my pit.

He’s my loving Lord, the giver of grace,
My strong and mighty tower.
Ready redeemer who rescues me,
Hiding me 'neath His wings of power.
Heavenly Father, who gives me peace;
Counselor, who gives me rest,
He’s both lion and Lamb, the Great I Am
Yet He holds me to His breast.

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  1. Absolutely love your poem, Meg! I think it would make a great song too with the right music!

    Loved the pictures too; fascinating dam. I can see Harrison Ford jumping from that (or a stunt double :)

    Beautiful hawk!!!

    have a great Monday!


  2. That poem is so lovely, it should be put to music.
    Your photos are great. I love that hawk.


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