Thursday, April 5, 2012

A to Z...Time For E

It's a lovely day for some E Photos.... 

Elk in the Cataloochie Valley
Great Smokey Mountains

Snowy Egret
Palm Island Park, Mount Dora, FL


Black Eyed Susan

The Easter Egg

Some say that the Easter egg is a pagan symbol, but there’s no hard-boiled proof for this theory.    (I think we can rest assured the Easter bunny got his start in a pagan sort of way.)

At the Passover Seder (the Jewish holiday of Passover), a hard-boiled egg was dipped in salt water, and it symbolized both new life (a chick hatching) and it was a Passover sacrifice offered at the temple in Jerusalem.

During the strict forty day fast in Jewish tradition, both meat and eggs were forbidden.  During Easter, eggs were again permitted, and became a staple of the Easter meals.   Eggs were also used as Easter gifts for children and servants. 

An Orthodox tradition related with Easter celebrations is the presenting of red colored eggs to friends while giving Easter greetings. According to a History channel documentary about Mary Magdalene and her role in Christianity, the custom derives from a biblical event. After the Ascension of Christ, Mary supposedly went to the Emperor of Rome and greeted him with "Christ is risen", whereupon he stated, "Christ has not risen no more than that egg is red" (pointing to an egg on his table). After making this statement it is said the egg immediately turned blood red.[citation needed] She then began preaching Christianity to him. The egg is symbolic of the grave and life renewed by breaking out of it. The red symbolizes the blood of Christ redeeming the world, represented by the egg, and our regeneration through the bloodshed for us by Christ. The egg itself is a symbol of the Resurrection while being dormant it contains a new life sealed within it.  (The Holiday Spot)

Happy Good Friday Eve to you…

(Photo not mine.)

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  1. enjoyed reading about Easter traditions. funny how that egret looks like one of my shots. lol and...i've never seen elk in the smokies!!! good job as usual!

    1. haha were with me shooting the same egret...but yours always turn out better than mine!

  2. I too enjoyed reading about the egg; I hadn't heard that story before, interesting. LOL about Gina's comment, I'm sure that was your picture of the egret and you didn't borrow Gina's :)

    Very nicely done! Lots of wildlife in your neck of the woods!


  3. ok...let me explain my comment above...we were together in the park shooting the egret and of course our pix are very similar....actually nearly identical! :) and no....mine isn't any better!

  4. History lesson was greatly enjoyed!


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