Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Museday Tuesday

We take a break from the regularly scheduled Alphabet to bring you Museday Tuesday...because it's not Monday for Monday's Musings (how I've missed them) and don't want to wait for Thursdays Thunderings!   Enjoy:

Dear WalMart Cashier:
I wish I had been brave enough to whip out my trusty camera and video you.   I think you’d be dismayed…I know your bosses would be.

Dear Man in UNA Parking Lot:
I tasted your cologne when I walked past you.  Not that I wanted to, it was in no way pleasant.   A little dab will do ya!

Dear College Chicks:
The warmer it gets, the more skin you’re showing…when you looked in the mirror before you left home, didn’t you see what we see (too much of you!)?

Dear CoWorkers:
Stay away from the SF chocolate cream pie at Garden Gate.   I think you scared your family (perhaps scarred them, too)…and frankly, I’m worried about minor explosions.

Dear Young Parents in Walmart:
I really wanted to take your little girl into my arms and say, “You is kind, you is smart, you is important!”  Your kids are only little for such a very, very short time.

Dear Ron Artest:
A violent elbow to your opponent’s head?  Really?  Changing your name doesn’t make you any less disgraceful than you ever were.

Dear Brad and Angie:
Engaged, eh?    :::shaking my head::: 

Dear Huffington Post:
Can someone please proofread articles for spelling and those mass grammatical errors before publishing them?   Some of your contributors are making your leftist rag look ridiculous.   Oh, what a minute….

Dear Blogger:
I am not loving your new look…nor anything that comes with it.


  1. LOL; I love them all! I know, that was a violent jab, no matter what else he might be calling it!! So glad you wrote these this week; I too am not enamored with the new Blogger.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I love these musings. I nod thru every one of them.

    I always wonder what these girls, and grown women too, see when they look in the mirror. I mean, those little cut off tops that leave about 4 " from the bottom to the waist. I don't think the roll of fat that so often hangs out is at all becoming. Do they have magic mirrors, you think?

    And speaking of grammar and usage--have you noticed that the newscasters moved beyond sloppy speech habits to sounding downright illiterate? For instance, what is up with the noun followed immediately by a pronoun habit?

    For example, "President Obama, he just announced..." or "The victim, she was taken to the hospital." Every news story, every channel, all the time. As you can see by this comment, I can be pretty casual, but PLEASE.

    Thanks for mini-rant space. :}


  3. GREAT post...dear Margaret. Sort of reminds me of Jimmy Fallon's thank you notes only your's are better!


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