Thursday, April 26, 2012

A "W" Trip


Water...Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlingburg, TN
Ole Boy and I try to make to the GSM at least once
in October each year.   We are not opposed to visiting
other times, as well.   I love the moutains.


Wheels.    These cannons are at Shiloh National Military Park
near Savannah, TN.   Ole Boy and I like to explore inside our little box
that is north Alabama, southern Tennessee, and eastern Mississippi.  


Orchids in the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN.   We have spent
February weekends in Nashville so many's where we
often go to celebrate my birthday.   Usually, we take the scenic
route and make several stops along the way, including visiting
town squares (Columbia and Lawrenceburg, TN) or taking our time
meandering along the Natchez Trace.   At the end of the Trace is 
Nashville...and a quaint little restaurant and shopping area called
Loveless Cafe.   


This is called an Anthurium.  I like the red ones better...
Opryland Hotel's walkway is lined with many of these, along 
many other beautiful flowers.  If you ever have the chance, 
stop in and walk around the hotel.   (Click the link above
for a virtual tour of the inside of the hotel.)


These azaleas were in full bloom at UNA, which is 
one of the prettiest campuses in the South!


This was the prettiest Iris I have ever seen.   It was at my
brother-in-law's house this spring.   The picture doesn't 
even come close to showing it's beauty.

Pansies.   I wish I could tell you where these were taken...
But I just cannot remember!   Aren't they beautiful, though?


Wings...these are Sea Gulls in Orlando, Florida.   They are
a little different than the ones that come to the Shoals each year.


Woodpecker in my back yard.  

I can't believe it's nearly the end of April, and the end of this Challenge.   I was bragging today that the Queen of Incompletion has not only not missed a day of posting in this challenge, but I have also read an entire book, and written a short first attempt.   Master Procrastinator no more!   I doubt very seriously I will agree to post every day next month, but I think I will make some read another book.  I hope you enjoy your Friday Eve.

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  1. Bill and I will be in Gatlinburg beginning May 14--Lord willing and if the creek don't rise.

    Do you have any hints as to what we should look for/do/avoid?

    If you're free that week, come on over! :D


  2. That woodpecker picture is great! All of them are fantastic! It is a neat part of the country you live in; glad you are showing it off in this challenge!


  3. what have you done with my sister???!!! completing a full challenge and reading a WHOLE book! come on now....

    1. Not just "a" book! A book with over 500 pages, no pictures, and I didn't skim!

  4. and btw...great pix! i meant to add to above and it slipped right by me... hehehe

  5. I love your W photos - so clear and crisp and great subjects. sandie

  6. Loved the gulls. The one here are called Banded Gulls because they have a small black band on their bills. The ones in your pic are awesome!


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