Saturday, April 28, 2012


A to Z...I can't believe there's only one  more letter to go!

Yellow Pansy

Yellow anthers on a red lily. 

This is a photo of some sunflowers Ole Boy grew last year...
I was playing around with it on my photo editor, and
this effect is "seamless tiling."   I kinda liked it.
Plus, it's yellow!   yay!
To see the original photo, click HERE and scroll down a little.

I believe this is what can be referred to as "over yonder."
(Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN)

Youth...I am a teenager (in blue)
with my sister on the beach


Photobucket and Baby Samara...
who is now 5 years old!

Why for Y...
  • Why do dogs howl at sirens?
  • Why does Monday through Friday dragggg by, but Saturday and Sunday are gone in a blink?
  • Why are pizza and chocolate so tempting?   (not together, of course...although...chocolate pizza...)
  • Why do healthy people park in handicapped reserved spaces?
  • Why are some weeds pretty?   Who decided they were weeds and not wildflowers?
  • Why does ignorance sound louder than any other voice?
  • Why would someone believe they came from an ape?   That's an entry all to itself.
  • Why does just a little salt make such a big difference?
  • Why don't I have any Z ideas??   Z photos?  Zzzzz...I have nothing!


  1. LOL on your last Why! Very clever!! At least you have Sunday to think of Z ideas perhaps. Very nicely done entry. Loved it all, especially the questions posed. You could do a lot of blog entries from those alone. I do like how that sunflower picture came out with that effect!

    Your young ones are adorable, no matter what age they are!!!

    enjoy the day!


  2. lovely Y thoughts...I love the sunflowers photo with the seamless effect...I really like that! The photos are great!

  3. Those are terrific pictures, and I loved the Why questions. I actually do have a recipe for chocolate pizza...

  4. Hello! We are Sweet Tea members together. You have such a lovely blog! I am your newest follower!

  5. Great pictures and questions, especially the ape one. Holly

  6. Love the sun flower picture! I am sure you have lots of zingers for us!


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