Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Musings: The Edition

Dear Aldi's:
I wanted to do a little shopping in your store...I've only visited once or twice before.    I knew there were no bags, no name brands, limited selection, I get it.   But, I had to stand in line to get change for a dollar, so that I could get a buggy, only to get back inside and realize my buggy "knocks."   On the plus side, I did realize that I complain too much, and right there in your store, I decided to work on that.  But first....

Dear Flashback Classic Cafe:
There's just no nice way to say's almost like you're trying to push a "northern" way of eating in the Deep South.  Won’t work!  Lose some of the :::shudder::: seasoning in the entrees, warm the rolls and serve them with butter, get the orders right and don't tell me it's a computer glitch when you charge me wrong for a special that you've advertised for two weeks.   On the plus side, the fries are great.

Dear Times Daily:
From the looks of your "You Said It" section, TV listings are important, and you better change it back!    Thankfully, I don't watch enough TV to care.   My addiction is food the internet.  By the way, some of the folks commenting in that section don't seem to have a grip on reality.   On the plus side, some of the commenters make perfect sense.  Too bad you don't publish all of them. 

Dear Food World:
Your high prices sometimes startle me; however, your store is convenient if I'm only buying one or two items.  The fact that more often than not, I cannot get decent ice cream or frozen treats from your store is something I don't understand.   It's like you turn the freezers off for the night and refreeze the next day.   Truthfully, I don't know what it's like...other than a poor excuse for fresh.   You should take tips from Big Star.

Dear Big Star:
You may not have the biggest selection, but you have some of the friendliest employees in the whole Shoals area.  If, indeed, WalMart does move in next to you, of all the doors that may shut, it will be the biggest shame if your store closes.   

Dear Fiesta Mexicana, Petersville:
Good food, great service, friendly people.  Thank you.

Dear Casa Mexicana:
Great food, good service.   Thank you.

Dear America's Car Wash-Florence:
It just stands to reason that if someone is willing to pay you to clean out their car on a rainy day, you'd do it.    It's not like we were talking about washing the outside, and it's not like you weren't available.

Dear Massey Drugs:
I appreciated your friendly service and your patience while I bothered you for printouts for the last year because I didn't keep my receipts and decided it was finally time to file a claim.   You acted like it didn't bother you one bit, and that it was all part of your job, but I know it's not.   Thank you.

Dear Donald Davis:
I really enjoyed your stories at the UNA Front Porch Storytelling Festival.   It's a little like standup comedy, isn't it?   Only cleaner and funnier...and more interesting!   Everyone involved did a such a wonderful job.

Dear Red Lobster:
I used to pay $12.99 for an entree that now costs $17.99.   I no longer order it, and I have gone from eating in your restaurant nearly every Friday night to eating there only once or twice a year.   

Dear Local Bloggers:
Extreme anger makes a person behave irrationally.  When you allow hatred to grow, you give that person, place or thing power in your life.   Don’t you think your time is more valuable than time wasted seeking revenge?   When you quit pointing fingers of accusation, you can make good use of your God-given talents (and you do have talents).   The Lord says, “Vengeance is Mine.”   He doesn’t say “Karma is yours.”


  1. Great reading here, and the Front Porch Storytelling Festival sounds interesting.

  2. i miss big star. sure hope that don't have to close their doors. good read.

  3. All of these "blog" wars sort of remind me of the crap you see on Bravo TV! The Real Housewives of the Blogosphere! And although it is funny and entertaining to a small degree, it reminds me of high school groups fighting with each other.
    I guess this is one of those "only in the Shoals" sort of mindsets and it seems like there is an abundance of "blame" for "karma" to sort out on both sides.
    BUT, it is entertaining, if juvenile and moronic, sort of like Bravo TV!

  4. Your cow reminded me of this joke;What did the bored cow say as she got up in the morning?

    "Just an udder day."

  5. Ummm on the local blogger; so interesting about having to "rent" a buggy at the store; that would not sit well with me. Seems like you have an interesting mixture of local businesses!!


  6. "Northern Eating" ? Excuuusssseeee me?

    When we traveled thru Tennessee, the food was just the same as here. What seasonings are different? We serve butter with rolls here. Of course, we didn't eat in Mexican places during our trip.

    We did eat at a Shoney's while in Gatlinburg and the seasoning on the lightly breaded chicken breast was wonderful. I don't think that it was different seasoning, tho, but it was somehow tastier. Our breading is usually heavier and oilier. Shoney's was much nicer. (We don't have Shoney's here. We have Eat 'n' Park.)

    The sausage patty at the pancake place was also different and wonderful. Oddly, I thought, less fat. The texture was different somehow. Less like a hamburger patty than ours is. (Although I usually get links.)

    When you come to my house for a visit, you'll have to let me know what to do about the spices. :D I aim to please.


  7. Oh. About the blog wars. I'm not aware of the blogs you are referring to, but, in general, those blog wars remind me of a bunch of mean 7th graders.

    Had quite enough of that in middle school, thank you.


    1. haha Oops! I forgot for a mere moment that I have northern readers.

  8. We only have Aldi's and Red Lobster here in Texas from your list.
    You DO get your quarter back at Aldi's and if I kept cash in my wallet I would shop there more.

    My mother and I eat light when we go to Red Lobster. We get the soup and salad. She eats the soup (clam chowder) while I have the salad. But oh - those Cheddar Cheese ROLLS!!!

    Blog wars? Never heard of them and don't want to! Life is too short.....

  9. I'm going to plead guilty in the blog wars dept. I've really tried, but I do get in some digs from time to time. Poor Margaret has been declared on "our side" whether she wants to be or not and has rec'd some interesting comments because of it. I mainly feel sorry for the four women that have been declared to "be me." They've had to take a lot of abuse which they haven't deserved.

    I know so many who love Aldi's, but I've never been. Don't they do debit cards? Or are we just talking change for the carts. I understand there are some people who stand outside and will take your cart back in just to get the quarters!

  10. I think they do take debit cards...but that cart thing is pretty crazy.

    I think SS has handled the blog war situation very well. I, too, feel very sorry for the women involved.


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