Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Musings: The Rebuttal Edition

One more reason to be irritated with the new Blogger format is the removal of the “Follow” button on the Navbar across the top of blogs.   The only reason I kept the Navbar on my blog was because of that option…now that it’s gone, the Navbar will be, too, soon.

Now I’ve had to add the Google Friends Connect and (whine, boo! hiss!) I don’t like the silly thing.   Coincidentally, I think Google has entirely too much information about The Brown Recuse as it is, anyway.

I usually follow blogs anonymously.   That way, I can “unfollow” if I decide the blog content is not a good match with my reading preferences with no feelings hurt, no questions asked.   I have found that some folks feel obligated to follow me or comment back if I follow or comment.  I do, however, like interaction, and I often email (when I have that option) commenters.   I scan a lot of blogs, I comment on very few.  

There are some blogs I’d like to comment on occasionally…but…heheh…they wouldn’t like what I had to say.  

Having said all of that…here are some Monday Musings…

Dear Lean Cuisine:
You finally came up with a lunch that is decent tasting in your Tortilla Crusted Fish.   If you could just do something about that sodium content now…

Dear Scales:
2.6 pounds down…going in the right direction!

Why should taxpayers pay for your birth control or your abortions??    Conservatives don’t want to keep you barefoot and pregnant.   It’s probably a good idea that you don’t reproduce at all…but not by way of abortion.   Liberals are killing our young women before they are able to become young women, our young men, too.    In rebuttal to your "men lawmakers keeping their zippers zipped" statement…women can say “no,” lest we forget that it takes two.   Instead of preaching politics or blaming certain groups, how about preaching some morals and personal responsibility?  Perhaps then, you will have actually done something about those "unwanted children" that have you so worried.

Dear America:
I hope you are remembering to pray for our president.   I hope, as well, that you are praying for the best choice for which to cast your vote.   I admit that it’s not looking too appetizing; but that is all the more reason to vote.   Pray!  No matter who our president is, we need to pray God’s will daily for our leadership.

Dear Self:
Read the above comment and know you’re talking to yourself, too!! know who you are:
You can’t make up your own God.  Thankfully, it just doesn’t work that way.


  1. Way to go, Margaret!!!! :D


  2. I don't understand why they have to keep messing with things that aren't broke. I can't even post in my Blog from AOL....have to go into Google Chrome (which I changed to recently). First AOL messed with us and now Google. So true about the President, even if we don't care for him & would never vote for him...we need to pray for him & his family everyday. Pray for their safety and for him making wise decisions. Although, I believe there is someone else (or maybe a group of people) telling him what to do. Hope your Monday is going well.

  3. Great post, I love hearing from someone who's not afraid to say
    What they think. You make some very good points!!

  4. good post. i particularly like the dear lady and america bits.

  5. What a surprise, I'm not the only one who is having a tough time with Bloggers new format. I reverted to the old format, not sure how long that will last though.
    I don't have any anonymous followers as far as I can tell, but I don't like anonymous comments, they're usually just spam.
    And the rest of the dears, :)
    Blessings, Geoff.

  6. I'm not happy either about Blogger getting rid of the follow button on the top of the blog; that's how I had people follow by blog; now I had to add the widget back in which I'm not happy about. At least it still gives the option to follow anonymously :)

    I do agree, we need to pray for our president and the upcoming election; I'm so guilty about not praying for him/it.

    Good for 2.6 down.

    So true about people trying to make up their own gods; it doesn't work that way indeed!


  7. Agree 100% with Dear to read you and Betty's blogs. Thanks for taking the time to read mine and leave encouraging advice.

    COngrats on the weight loss.

  8. Hey Margaret! Just popped over to see who has been "lurking". HA! Funny that what you said today is basically what I did, though, I am always curious about who would choose to follow or bother to comment on my site... Not out of obligation, just curiosity. I even do it on Pinterest, every time I get an email of a new follower I check to see the kinds of things they pin. Really, the truth is I am just always so amazed that someone FOUND me! How??? And on Pinterest I almost NEVER follow back, on purpose....You tend to see a lot of the same things over and over again when you do.
    Anyway! Anyway! What I really wanted to say was I LOVE LOVE LOVE your A-Z Challenge. Really, I went to the original challenge to see what it was about and then randomly clicked on several of the links and I did not find even one that compared to yours! I may have to give that a go ... once I can figure out my own little twist to it. I love a challenge!
    OH! And another thing, I didn't notice the "Follow" gone!!! I hate that! I don't like to have the "Follow Me" on my blog :-( ... Oh well, I'm gonna just stick with the E-Mail version...I wish everyone used it.
    ANYWAY, so happy to have discovered you!


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