Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Thunderings


Dear Defense Attorney:
A few of us on the front row know you way-yonder more up close and personal than we ever wanted!   Thank goodness for that long girdle…or body shaper…or whatever that was.

Dear Self:
If you pull a shirt out of a musty spare room, you will notice (after you get to where you’re going; unfortunately, not before) that your shirt smells faintly of a musty spare room.   Of course, that may keep the huggers away….but I hope my fellow juror-persons didn’t notice my funny smell.

Dear City Council Members:
Walmart?  People adapt.  But please be aware that they will remember why they were forced to adapt, and you very well may be adapting to not being on the council after the next election.

Dear Walmart:
When Product A sells out week after week after week, and there is always Product B on your shelves, how hard is it to figure out you need more Product A and less of Product B??      

Dear Church Huggers:
Really…not everyone “needs a hug,” I promise ya!!   I speak for Melancholy Compulsives everywhere:  Smile and wave, we will gladly smile and wave back!


  1. Ha! Cute post. And the dilema with hugging is: where do you draw the line? Do you hug 'everyone' at the party? If you don't, will those unhugged feel offended? I agree, a quick wave of the hand will do.

  2. Uh oh - I'm a hugger from way back. Point taken and will work on that! I think I hugged in your office the other day. Sorry

  3. haha! Well, I don't mind hugs from SOME people!

  4. LOL about WalMart; you would think they could figure that one out. They are losing sells I think if Product B is not moving and people want more of Product A. LOL too don't ever come to our church, everyone hugs everyone. But its a small group and everyone knows everyone and sometimes even if we don't, its good to get a hug, but just sometimes :)


  5. Unfortunately, I've seen Walmart purposely discontinue Product A (in order to sell Product B?). Usually, If I like it, they discontinue it. Example: Bryan's pork BBQ sandwiches. I tried another brand--am still nauseated every time I think of the taste and having to throw out 90% of a $4.00 box.

  6. Love the musy shirt laugh because I have been there, done that but with clothes that were left in the washer on a hot day. I thought I had put them all back through the washer but one didnt make it. I did catch it before leaving the house, thank goodness.


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