Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

  • My first inclination when someone cuts me off in traffic, or tries to run over me, is to say “Idiot!”   I am going to work on just being thankful that God protected me and say “Thank You, God!”
  • Sleep deprivation makes me…well…depraved.    I want to call bad drivers names.
  • It takes so much energy just being me, and I don’t have much left for anything else. 
  • My hairspray is so stiff…lifting one small strand lifts the whole mane.   Not that I’m a horse or a lion. 
  • One-A-Day Multivitamins for Women are big enough to be a horse pill, and just little hard to get down some days.   Today was one of those days.  
  • I gasp in dismay at my typos.   I laugh at yours…
  • …the same can be said for grammatical errors.
  • Why is it every time I go on a diet everyone wants to share cookies and cake with me?   Or…is it just that I really want their cookies and cake?  

Random Photos....
Yes...they really exist..white squirrels.  
This one lives in Indiana

Roaring Fork, Gatlingurg, TN
Roaring Forks, Gatlinburg, TN

Bryson City, NC
Bryson, NC


  1. You write such clever posts....that little white squirrel is cute but still a rodent. I'm still finding peanuts buried everywhere. Your pictures are amazing! Thanks for uplifting my day.

  2. Well thank you, Linda. I can't help but think most rodents are cute. lol

  3. Love your random thoughts. :{ Deb

  4. thought #1....very good point. i'll do my best to remember that!
    thought #4....i had to laugh right out loud! and's almost a mane, it's so thick.
    thought #6....again, lol! and go look at caption under squirrel....hehehe

  5. LOL on the typos; I'm sure I have lots in mine because I fly through them really quickly and I don't like to proof read, unless I have to for work :)

    I do like the white squirrel; I've seen it before, right?

    I like your approach to bad drivers by thanking God for his protection; if more people did that, perhaps we wouldn't have road rage?


  6. Great attitude!

    Amber was dismayed when a whole tray of gourmet cupcakes were just delivered to her hospital room.......she has gestational diabetes! I ate ONE!! Guess she'll gift the nurses - which is always a good thing!

  7. Love the squirrel. I was over 35 when I saw my first albino--on Simpson Street in North Florence. I understand there were some downtown at one time.

  8. People ALWAYS want to share goodies or take me out to lunch when I am on a diet...never, ever fails!!! LOL


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