Friday, June 22, 2012

The 100 Ways Diet

Finally Friday!!!   I was never so relieved to get home and get out of my clothes than I was yesterday!

Not that I run around naked at my house,
it’s just those maypops I had on.

I wore a pair of pants that I hadn’t had on since last summer.   They were a bit more snug this year when I put them on, but they (I thought) were doable.   By the time I ate breakfast…and later lunch…I felt they may pop any minute.  I was so uncomfortable.    Instead of doing the logical thing and start (yet another) diet, I decided to get new clothes.

I have since changed my mind.

Anyone who reads my blog (even fairly regularly) knows I have a love/hate relationship with food.   I eat out uh-lot, cook a little, and frequently whine about dieting, or the lack of it.   I can quickly list 100 reasons for me to lose weight (be happy I won’t do that here) but Number 99 on the list would be I can’t afford financially to be this fat anymore.    Did you know you can buy a T-shirt for $48?   Do you hear what I’m saying?  A T-shirt for nearly $50!    I say “you” because it won’t be me…unless it’s lined in French fries gold.    

Of course, the everyday restaurant lunches are expensive, and lends in the need for new clothes…may I just say the term “lunch money” takes on a whole new meaning when I do it.  (And that doesn’t include money spent on groceries.)

But of course,
Reason Number 3 would be “For my health.”

Who would read all 100 reasons, anyway?

Number 1 would be for my Angels and Ole Boy
Number 2 would be for myself.

I would like to be righteous enough to say Number 1
would be because gluttony is a sin.   I’m not there yet.

Now to figure out a wayable to get me to stick to a diet.
Wayable:  A doable way…a way to be able...
Made that up, I did.

What’s the best diet you’ve tried? 
For what reasons was it “the best?”


  1. Ha. First, consider the source for this. We both know that if I had found the perfect wayable plan, I wouldn't be re-losing the 40 pounds I regained. :{

    The best diet for me is low-carb. No matter what I try--and I have tried most--low carb has the best results. And, really, once you learn what is and is not low carb, it's the easiest since you only have to weigh and measure the food with the carb grams in it. So, meat and fat require no counting.

    The problem with it is that there is little room for indulgences by way of CAKE or M&Ms or ICE CREAM. (Sorry, those are always in capitol letters for me.)

    In a cruel twist of fate--or help from God, depending on my mood--my health issues require low carb. The diabetes and the gluten intolerance have ganged up in an attempt to steal my carbohydrate glee. :{

    At any rate, low carb has always worked best for me when I work it. Some prefer the "anything in moderation" method. hahahahaha. NOt a good choice for me. Neither is calorie counting. I use both as license to eat CAKE and M&Ms and ICE CREAM.

    I hope you find your best fit.


  2. Best thing that worked for me years ago was simply cutting out chips and sodas. I stopped buying lunches out but get bored with packed lunches so you have to change things around a lot. For awhile this year, immediately after we ate dinner ,I made a leftovers lunch. It helped with not nibbling on leftovers til they were gone or getting more just cause its there plus it made for some different lunches too. Oh.... and exercise.AHHHHH! The dreaded E word.

  3. Oh yeah... I thought of you yesterday when a brown spider was climbing my shower curtain. I thought, hmmh, I wonder if that is a brown recluse.

  4. No wonder we are kindred spirits! sandie

  5. My best diet was when I went through the weight loss clinic (twice, LOL, slow learner) but I was paying for it so I didn't want to cheat because I didn't want to spend more money on it and when I saw the results happening pretty darn quickly I liked that. But not enough to keep the weight off. However, I'd go back to eat in a heartbeat if I could afford it in this season of my life.

    Its a mindset for me though. If I'm in a mindset to lose, I can cut back and I'm perfectly okay with it....unfortunately I haven't been in a mindset for a bit.....

    and then tonight we go out to see where son is valeting and we stop and have dinner downtown and then stop at Ghiradelli's chocolates for dessert and a bag of chocolate bars.........

    I look forward to reading whatever you decide to share about how you decide which diet to use. Someone was talking about the Caveman Diet but I couldn't do that; you just eat once a day.......

    Become a valet; I kid you not, the kid lost eight pounds in two weeks.


  6. Maypops and wayable... you have a funny and creative way with words. :-D

    You probably already know I do low carb; it's also wheat free AND I count calories. Now that the sugar and stuff-that-turns-to-sugar-quickly is out of my system, I can stay on the low carb food plan easily. BUT... my nemesis is portion control. Hence, the self-imposed limitation, by counting calories. That way I can't justify eating everything not nailed down by saying "but it's low carb and on my plan". I fight it at times, but when I DO the counting and stick to a limit, it works. Yeah... that sticking to a limit part is... the sticky part. ;-)


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