Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Musings: The Common Courtesy Edition


Dear Deputy Sheriff:
If I had been weaving all over the road like you were this morning going south on North Wood Avenue, you would have stopped me and given me a sobriety test.   If I had suddenly whipped over in front of you with no warning and no signal like you did to me, I’m thinking you would have given me a ticket.   I couldn’t be certain, but it sure did look like you were talking on a cell phone.  I don’t know your name, but your car number was 29.   I wish I had remembered my trusty little camera, and videoed you.   That would have been even better fodder for my blog.

Dear Mongolian Grill Buffet:
You don’t have the best food in the area, but it’s ok for the price.   However…the waterbug was a little much, I just don’t think we’ll be back.   It was nice of the waiter to try and knock it off our seat, even if he did almost knock it on Ole Boy.  Had it been on my seat, I wouldn’t have been so calm.  Bugs can make me squeal like a sissy-girl.

Dear Dog Walkers:
I am sure you enjoy our beautiful UNA campus.  That’s probably why you walk your dogs here.  I would think it would be common courtesy or at least common sense that you’d pick up their business and not leave it, ruining the walk for the rest of us.   Taking the dog for a walk?   Bring a bag and a scoop!   The same goes for Deibert Park…Clean it up!

Dear Georgia Chick With a Yankee Accent:
After 15 phone calls, six text messages, and one voice mail this weekend, have you finally figured out that I am NOT whoever it is you are trying to reach?   I hope so, I’m growing a little weary…

Dear CoWorker:
I taste your perfumed spray most every day.  It’s not a pleasant taste, really, and I kinda wish you wouldn’t spray it.  More importantly, I wish the purpose for which you are spraying wasn’t the reason, for your sake.


  1. So with you about dog owners cleaning up after their pets! The sad thing is those who don't, they end up ruining things for those of us that do pick up after the dogs; because I'm sure eventually your campus will post a no dog allowed rule.

    Police on cell phones......happens a lot here too!


  2. I hate tasting perfume! We have a bag boy at our local grocery store that must bathe in after shave. ack. I haven't figured out what to say to him that isn't know, I'd hate to tell him exactly what's on my mind and then have him walk into my church the next Sunday. Sigh... Praying for Christlikeness, here.

    Anyway. As far as COMMON courtesy. There is no longer any such thing, Margaret. Courtesy is not common at all. Never mind the courtesy that requires effort and thought--phhhht. So far gone, can't even see its dust.

    You know what gets me? When people are overwhelmingly rude, and then get annoyed because I look at them like they've just been rude.

    Haha. Of course, if they make the mistake of saying, "What's YOUR problem?" in response to my look, uh-hmmm, then permission has been granted for me to tell them. :D (Of course, I must tell them in such a way that doesn't get my husband beaten up if he happens to be in the vicinity. That's hard, for me sometimes. Subtle is not my best talent.) Yeah. Back to that prayer for Christlikeness...


  3. I'm with you on all of these, especially the water bug! UCK!!!!

  4. Are you being nice calling the bug a waterbug; or was it really a cockroach? I saw a lady one of the other Chinese pick a roach up and wave it around for all the customers to see. Yelling, "look what I found" as went across the resturant from table to table.


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