Thursday, June 14, 2012

Living in Ignorance

On my last post, I said: 

Dear Georgia Chick With a Yankee Accent:
After 15 phone calls, six text messages, and one voice mail this weekend, have you finally figured out that I am NOT whoever it is you are trying to reach?   I hope so, I’m growing a little weary…

She started calling, texting, and leaving voice mails again Monday evening.  I finally answered on the third call.  She hung up, but called right back.   I picked up again, this time I didn’t say hello, I just told her that she needed to check her number because she had the wrong person.  She hung up again.  I sent her another text and told her that whoever she was trying to reach didn’t know she was trying so hard because she was only reaching me.    She texted back an apology, and I haven’t heard from her since.


How quickly I forget that I did some poor little guy the same way last spring, only over a much a longer stretch of time, and far more texts and calls than I got from Miss Georgia Yankee.  While perusing my blog last night looking for something else, I came across this entry:

About a month ago, my daughter (Les) got a new phone.   She gave me her number, which I promptly plugged into my phone.  

Three or so weeks ago, I got a phone call from a guy who blocked his number.  The conversation went something like this:
Who is this?
Who did you call?
I don’t know.
Well, you blocked your number and called my phone, so I’m assuming you know who you were calling.
No, this number was on my caller ID.
Well, I don’t know who you are.

Last week, I sent a text to Les which said, Call me NOW!   No response from her.   Not once have I gotten a response from her on that phone, it’s been a great source of irritation for me.

Today, I get a text from her number, and it said, Who is this?  You told me to call you.   I responded,Duh, a week ago!    She texted back,But who is this?    Thinking she’s either being silly or being dumb (because she didn’t recognize my number and obviously didn’t have it saved on her new phone.)  I type back, If you don’t know me by now, you will never, never, never know me.   But I know you!  She wrote back, Give me a hint.  So I continue to play the game:
I know your peoples, and they know me.
I’m lost
You luv me.  At least you say you do.
I haven’t figured out who you are, but at least I now know my boyfriend is talking to another girl. Thank you.

I could not figure out where her head was!  Why would she think her boyfriend was calling a chick from her phone?   And why didn’t she recognize my number?  I’ve only had it for 15 years!

I started calling Les, both her cell, which I’d been texting, and her home.  No answer.  I even called her boyfriend, thinking the poor thing was catching it by now.  No answer there, either.   It also occurred to me that she was playing a joke on me…she does that sometimes. About an hour later, I finally reached her.  I told her that it upset me a little with that last text, because I didn’t know if she was really upset or not, and then she wouldn’t answer.
What text?
All those texts you’ve been sending me!

I’m sure you, Gentle Reader, have already figured out that I was not texting with my daughter.   But not me.   *I* was the one being dumb.  

I had been calling this number for a month, no one answers.   I have also sent a few texts.   The owner of the phone has to think I’m nuts…after calling me and asking me who I was, then to get about 100 phone calls from my number since then.

I’m probably a home-wrecker!  I’m sure he’s catching heat.   After Les convinced me that indeed I did have the wrong number keyed in, I sent one last text trying to explain that my daughter had gotten a new phone, and that I’d saved it in my phone wrong.   I can only hope she believed me.  He probably hopes so, too.  

I may have caused that guy a lot of grief.  In my defense, when the guy called me, had he not blocked his number, I would have figured out that it was not LesLee's number...or if he'd just been honest and told me that I had been calling and texting for a month..but he wouldn't give me any information, so I remained in ignorance a while longer...a place I visit fairly often.   


  1. LOL; I do remember this from last week with your daughter's new number/phone. How funny it came back to "get" you this year :) (karma, but I don't believe in karma :)

    glad it got sorted out though!


  2. Hahahaha...ahhhh modern technology! I love it!

  3. I've done that with mail. Sending several cards to a "neighbor" of the one I wanted to contact. Was I uber out of it not to know "Jane Ann Doe" of Crossville, Tenn., isn't the same as "Ann Jane Doe?" of Crossville. Dunno, but I'm sure Jane Ann Doe still wonders who the heck Firenze in Florence, Ala. is.

  4. I laughed and thought isn't that fun - really - makes the world go round and someday - like now - it becomes a funny memory! lol sandie


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