Friday, July 13, 2012

What Now?

There are times
when all you can do
is hand your worries over
and let God
take care of the problem.

Pray and Trust.  That's what we're going to do.


  1. It's prosaic, but time does wound all heels.

  2. Ohhh, I'm so sorry. Those kinds of wounds are painful, and trust is a fragile thing. You know, of course, that God will return to us that which the enemy has stolen. And he knows how to heal wounded hearts. Prayers for the betrayed one--and prayers for you, too. god will give you wisdom.


  3. (((Meg))) I am so sorry; I truly am. You know what, you are right, God is seeing what is going on and we will let God be the judge of actions and wrongs made. Of course you can't say anything to her or shouldn't say anything to her because your words will be twisted and turned around. Pray for her; I know it is hard to say, but pray for her.......(praying for you all)


  4. This person has grieved the holy spirit to your friend. In Jamaes 3 it reminds us that the tongue is very powerful. People have been deeply wounded with words.The biggest debt that that you owed, was lovingly paid for you. paid in full by Jesus.

    God said in his word. If you want to live in the world and receive his full forgiveness.

    You must forgive others that have hurt you.

    Not for a eye or a tooth for a tooth.

    If you do not forgive this girl in your heart that has hurt your sweet friend. Really your giving the keys to Satan. He loves it.

    Then if you pray for the one that hurt her and for yourself. A thought is a sin.

    Be healed of thoughts , judgement and you will see truiumph over all this.

    This is what God wants in this matter. Ask God to help you to forgive them and ask God to forgive you for your thoughs.

    Think this. Lord make me be Willing to be Willing. To pray for this girls tongue who hurt your friend.

    Be a new wineskin that will hold the new wine of the holy Spirit. To walk in freedom and love.

    I myself have had to do this . Forgive those who have hurt me.

    1. I know what you say is true, and I have told my loved one that she will have to forgive. I am not practicing what I preach today, but I'm trying to have a right attitude about it. It's just not happening today.

  5. I am so sorry - that has to be incredibly hard. sandie

  6. If it had come from a known enemy it would be one thing. But I think it's the most painful when it's a betrayal of trust, from one you thought was a friend. Yeah, that's a DEEP cut. I know you'll take this to the Lord, and He will meet you. {{{hugs}}}


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