Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Been a Rough One!

A rough week, that is...

It started last Friday…the dreaded summer cold!  My chest was tight and congested, and I felt bad.    I survived the weekend (complete with our big family annual summer get-together at my sister’s house…always a wonderful, wonderful time!) and I survived two busy days at work.   On Wednesday, I was off, and felt worse than ever.    It’s been one week today.  I’m definitely better, but I am obviously (by evidence of cough/cough/cough) not 100%.  

I am pretty sure we had a thunderstorm last night.   Well, we definitely had a thunderstorm, lots of rolling thunder and lightning, but…no rain.   It was pretty odd.   A rainless thunderstorm.   We need some relief from this heat wave!   We did get a little bit of rain yesterday afternoon, and I am most thankful, but we need uh-lot more!   It’s not just the south, either.   My stepson lives in Illinois, and he mentioned they were having 100+ temperatures as well.    

Andy’s gone.   Ole Boy has always been a huge Andy Griffith fan.   Usually, at least once a day, Andy and Barney are in my house, even if it’s just one or two episodes.   Ole Boy has the complete set of the black and white seasons on DVD, and a few other random DVDs and some VHS cassettes, as well.   A few years ago, we took a vacation to Mt. Airy, NC, Andy’s hometown.   (I wrote about it HERE.)    I am not too sure I agreed with Andy the actor’s way of thinking, but I do think that The Andy Griffith Show was one of the best shows ever produced for television.

Here are some pictures of the Mt. Airy vacation:  

The Snappy lunch counter.   This place was actually mentioned in the 
TV show, and it's still in it's original location today.

I believe "Mt. Pilot" on the show is actually Pilot Mountain (above).

The house where Andy grew up

A brick honoring Ernest T. Bass at the Mayberry Courthouse in Mt. Airy.
I always liked Ernest T.
The whole town has capitalized on Mayberry.

Not the original...

Not sure if this was an original...


Sites like this were very common along the sidewalks of the town square.

The lady at the counter told me these are incredibly 
bad pickles, just like Aunt Bee's.

Mt. Airy was "Mayberry" everything, including insurance companies.

Picture hanging in the local theater.

At the museum


  1. a sad day indeed! i hadn't seen most of these pix of rog in mayberry. wonderful pix!

  2. That would be a nice place to visit for memorbilia and nostalgia. There is nothing worse than a summer cold and the few people that have caught them here seem to hold on to them as long as you did too. Not good.

    hope the weekend is a restful one!


  3. :D Bill and I were there! :D A number of years ago we road our motorcycle down the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway or Blueridge Parkway (I can't remember). We got on in Virginia, I think and went down to North Carolina. Toured that part of the Smokies and came back on the Interstate from Tennessee. At some point during our loop, we came upon Mt. Airy just by accident.

    We were so surprised and it was so cool! :D

    We had so much fun on that trip. That's the reason our son bought us the little trip down to Gatlinburg so we could see that section of Smokies. It was tremendously cool, too. (Mostly because you helped us!)

    Thanks for the pictures. I remember those spots. :D

    I hope you're all better soon!


  4. I hope you feel better.

    Now I am so sad about Andy - I loved that guy. He was so nice. And thanks for the walk thru Mayberry - I had no idea - this was great.


  5. That looks lke it would be a neat town to visit!

    I always hate the summer "cold". There's something so different about it than the winter ones. Hope you recover quickly!

    1. It was a pretty cool place to visit...if you're an Andy fan, it's definitely something to see.



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