Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Musings: The Hate Edition

Dear Summer Cold:
I hate you.

Dear Street Workers:
The patch job you did on North Wood Avenue?   I can’t believe you held up traffic for that!   The ride was smoother before you “patched” it.

Dear Facebook “Friend:”
I don’t mind your almost hourly status updates, but when my whole “wall” is covered in your shared sayings, photos, and cartoons, I hate that!

Dear Diet:
I hate you.

Dear Sugar, Bread, Pizza, Cheeseburgers, etc.:
I hate to love you…but I do.

Dear Heat Wave:
We are ALL so ready to see you go!   

Dear Rain:
We missed you yesterday!   Please try again today, even if I did leave my windows cracked…was afraid my windows would…crack...if I didn't.  I would hate that!

Dear 106° plus degrees:
We all hate you.

Dear July 4th,
I like you much better on a Friday or Monday…but I won’t hate having hump day off!

Dear Devon and Ashton:
I am missing you both…I hope you never stay gone this long ever again! 



  1. Just wait until they start repaving Wood Av,... fun, fun, fun.

  2. So enjoyed this one; so sorry about the cold. So funny about FB; it can get a bit much with some people (present company not included).

    Hope the grands are home soon!

    We can do this with the weight management (maybe that is a better term than dieting?) I'm "back on the wagon" and so far holding my own.

    I know, it is strange with the Fourth on a Wednesday.

    I do hope the heat subsides soon for you all!


  3. Sorry about your cold. I have two facebook friends that do the same... drives me crazy.

  4. snicker. Yeah, most of them--me, too!

  5. I may be guilty. I can't stop posting pics of animals up for adoption. Maybe I should try for the cutest one each day.

    And paving? Try Hwy 43...five miles of it between Muscle Shoals and Spring Valley. Couldn't they do it in one mile increments?

  6. If I re-posted your Dear Facebook Friend to Facebook... that "friend" would prolly hate ME.
    ha haha, loved it anyway. And I'm laughing cuz it's so true!

  7. You are having a rough time there - I know - because I have been there too - hope things cool down for you (us) soon. Love, sandie

  8. Do I have the distinct pleasure of visiting Margo's? Remember Jack Black as Shallow Hal? Coo Coo! Coo Coo!

    (Now everyone will want to know about the crazies and hot pants for Mexicans.)


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