Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thinkin' Thursday Thoughts

I took an impromptu blog vacation, didn’t I?    What?   You didn’t notice?    Oh.   Regardless, I am back.   (Did you know that irregardless is not a word?  It’s a not-word that I use sometimes, by the way, not to be confused with Knot Words.)   I haven’t been doing anything of any great importance, so I don’t have any fun details to share with you.   I will, however, be spending a quality long weekend with my sisters and my cousins in Mississippi, and that will be fun.   I’m leaving Ole Boy and Roscoe to fend for themselves.   ::::snickers::::

I had a cold a few weeks ago, and it never completely went away.   This morning, I woke up with a very stuffy head, and I don’t know if I have an allergy attack going on, or a sinus infection.   Just ain’t fair, I tell ya!

I’ve been meaning to get on a diet since 1990.   I haven’t done that yet.   I had a bit of a health scare earlier this week…heart racing, a little shaky …I’m thinking it’s time to do something…or die.   Getting old and fat is so much fun.   You should try it.

I’m planning my fall vacation…I love my little annual getaway…can’t wait!!  Great Smoky Mountains…I’m coming!  Greet me with tons of color!!! 

“Smoky” is such a funny way of spelling Smokey.  I want to pronounce smoky as “smocky.”   In my head, I do.

I do lots of things in my head.  I write some of the best blogs in my head.  Unfortunately, they never make it to paper…ah…screen.

Chik-Fil-A.  I’m a supporter.   I will be having breakfast there on Wednesday, August 1, Lord willing.  My thing is that Truett Cathy has a right to believe the Bible, just as much as anyone else has a right to do whatever is legal for them to do.   I believe the Bible, I support the Biblical definition of marriage, but that doesn’t mean that I hate anyone.   I’m a glutton.   Who am I to judge another?   I started to not say anything about this for fear of hurting feelings or making folks mad.  Then I decided that too many Christians are silent.

People who hate Christians really hate Christians.  I know what it’s like to be discriminated against.   I think everyone probably has experienced discrimination on some level…and everyone most likely has discriminated against another at some point, as well.   If we’re honest, we’ll have to admit that.

None of us are perfect, are we?
I’m sure thankful that I’m forgiven.


  1. right on! and i'm looking forward to this weekend.

  2. How fun with the weekend ahead! I know you all will enjoy it! Sorry about the health scare; hope all is going okay now. I did miss your blogs (really I did :)

    Truly agree with what you said about Christians; truly admire Chik-Fil-A's owner's stand on things. In fact we are planning to eat there sometime this weekend. Its funny how there is so much hate against Christ followers, but then Jesus did warn us about that indeed!

    enjoy your weekend!


  3. Hey,I missed ya. I even emailed to be sure you were all right. The Shoals needs more blogs like yours--keep 'em coming.

  4. I see the Chick-Fil-A controversy as a freedom of speech issue. This man has a right to say whatever he believes. He's not a govt spokesman, or other official. He's a private citizen, and head of a privately/family owned business. "They" are using this for their own political/social agenda, trying to intimidate people into silence with their vitriolic name calling.

    I also see some on both sides being disrespectful, arrogant, viscious and hate-mongering. The nasty comments on Facebook are so sad to read. I may not agree with someone, but I will certainly defend their right of free of speech!

    If people don't like this man's beliefs, just don't eat there. But they can't deny him the same right to express his beliefs and opinions as the rest of the country, just because they don't agree.

    Yesterday I looked up Chick-Fil-A locations to see if there was one in my area, so I could go there on Aug 1st. Um... sorry, can't drive 256 miles to show my support. Otherwise, I'd go have me some chicken! :-)

  5. You can count me out. I will not be eating at Chick-Fil-A ever again. Yes, he has a right to state his opinion but it is very ill conceived for a corporation president to make such a statement when it obviously breeds hatred and ill-will toward a segment of the population. I've never understood these so-called Christian principles that promote division among people.

    1. You know, Phillip, I had to think about it quite some time, about his dual responsibilities: being a man of integrity and courage with regards to his own personal beliefs, AND being responsible for his employees, who depend upon their jobs for their livelihood and taking care of their families. They could be financially devastated if they lost jobs due to lost business, due to the action of the head of their company.

      So, this is not a simplistic situation. Real people and real families are impacted, not just getting revenge upon one man who "dared" be honest about what he believed. Now... whether or not he used wisdom in how he stated said beliefs... I have to admit I'm just not sure yet. And actually don't feel qualified to judge that. But I again, I'll defend his right to declare it, as I will support yours, too.

  6. I was just abut to say, "What Rettakat said!" but before I got here, I read Philip's comment. And there's the problem, you see. People who do not now what the Bible says, don't understand. They are speaking without knowing their subject. Their outrage is not surprising once you realize that.

    The Bible is quite clear, nothing so-called about it, regarding homosexuality. There is just no grey area there. It is just as clear about stealing, murder, and fornication

    Would the uproar be so great if the corporation president said he didn't believe in murder...or fornication...or theft? Well. There might be an uproar over the fornication part, as I think of it. Our society has pretty much endorsed that, haven't they?

    Just like homosexuality and same sex marriages, if people want to live together without benefit of marriage, well they can. But you can't make me say it's appropriate behavior just so you'll eat my sandwich.

    Rettakat is right regarding the free speech aspect. If people have the right to say that same sex marriage is okay--even when that person is the President of the United States--surely a president of a company can say that it's wrong. Not only has he not taken an oath to represent ME, but I'm pretty sure that the Chick-Fil-A guy's influence over my life is a bit less than that of the President of my country. And it's not like I can avoid frequenting Pres. Obama's "company."



    P.S. Hey. When are you going to the Smokies? And, you know, I had not realized "Smoky Mountains" was spelt without the "e" til this post.

  7. Deb, this is what I know and it comes from the heart, mind and common sense - Love is love and having rules about loving someone just doesn't make good sense. The Bible was written hundreds of years ago by men who believed the world was flat and were afraid of their own shadows. It was then dictated and reinterpreted (time and again) by rulers to advance their own agendas and beliefs. The Bible also states that it is wrong to wear certain fabrics and eat certain foods, yet the Bible thumpers oddly skip over that and focus on aspects that hurt others. I understand what the Bible says, I just don't believe it. I consider myself a spiritual person but it comes from the heart, not from a book.

  8. Thanks for the comments...there aren't any easy answers, but there definitely are answers.

    Phillip, I will say about the Bible...because I know that surely you've read it...that when Christ died on the cross, we no longer had to live under the law (such as wearing the different fabrics), but now we are able to live under grace, being boldly able to approach the throne for forgiveness of our sins.

    Too many people think that you have to do something to gain Christ's salvation other than believe, and that's not true. We can't change ourselves. We come just as we are to Him, and if we ask Him into our hearts, we allow him to cleanse us from our sins. I don't claim to be any where near a Bible expert, and I not only don't have all the answers, I have precious few answers, but I keep praying, keep believing, remembering that when I fall, I am not the finished product...and I fall a lot. I don't believe that God has rules about His love, I believe with all my heart that He loves me just as much as he loves everyone else on this planet, no matter who they are, and no matter what they've done. It's a love that I can't fathom.

    Again...thanks for the comments.


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