Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two Cent Tuesday

Things for me to remember:

·       If I forget my cell phone, I can’t call from my car and ask Ole Boy to bring it to me on his way to work.

·       If I forget my cell phone, and Ole Boy sees it, he will bring it to me without my asking.  J

·       My car key fob will not open my house door.   I shouldn’t try that again…which I also said the first time I tried it.

·       Locking my front door does no good, really, if I leave my keys hanging in the lock…on the outside!

·       I have a really, really great family.   Spending a long weekend in Louisville (after five years) reminded me that I shouldn’t wait 5 more years before visiting again.

·       Waiting three weeks for a cold to dry up is asking for a sinus infection, which means a shot in the derriere and meds two times a day for a week.

·       That shot really works…

·       Don’t judge a book by its cover, or a boy by his tattoos. 

One last thought:

Dear New Boyfriend:
I haven’t met you yet, but I’ve seen pictures.   If you are good to her, I won’t care (much) if you are one big tattoo.   Oh, wait.   You already are.   (And I meant what I said about not tattooing her…)


  1. I have locked my front door and went to bed with the keys hanging on the other side too. I sorta laughed the next morning thinking that a thief would have said, "this is great I can just walk right on in! "

  2. Well, we all know about the time OB put his phone in the fridge. I once carefully gathered up my keys, exited my car, locking door, only to find I had picked up my house keys and not taken the one out of the ignition. Don't worry...they won't look at us funny until we're in our 80s. At least I don't think.

  3. hahaha...about the keys. I've done it myself.. Chagrin is the result. And, oddly, I always look around--hours later when I find the keys there when I get home--to see if anyone is looking. lol. So nuts.

  4. I do hope you are feeling better! Your weekend sounded fun; and indeed don't wait another five years!! I hope it goes well with the new relationship!



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