Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It was a Chick-fil-A Kind of Day

A lot of people ate at Chick-fil-A today.  There were lines all the
way out to Cox Creek Parkway trying to get in the parking lot.

Once they got in the parking lot, there was still a wait.
When I stopped at 7 a.m., there were already several cars in line, but nothing like this.

Not only were both drive-through windows covered up, but the walk-up 
window had a long line, as well.   Inside the mall was no less crowded.  
Some people said they waited up to an hour to get their Chick-fil-A.

I've battled in my head all day what to write about this day, and I have decided just to speak from my heart...

I believe that I should stand up for what I believe.  I believe in the God of the Bible, and I agree with Mr. Cathy’s recent comments on the Biblical definition of marriage.   While the media and the “left” would have us believe that we, as Christians, are a minority, I do not necessarily believe that is so.

I ate at Chick-fil-A today to show my support to a Christian brother who stated his beliefs, after being asked, and received a lot of negative backlash about it.  So much of a backlash, in fact, that political figures tried to block the company from opening new stores, and city council members attempted to get others to sever ties with the chain.   That’s just not right.   Neither is wishing cancer on people who ate “chikin” today. 

Having said all that, I have finally decided that today, for me, will not be about arguing who is right, nor about pushing back when you’ve been bullied for your beliefs (which happens to both sides of the nugget, by the way).   I am not undermining in any way the importance of freedom of speech, and I do believe Christians have been bullied by the liberal media.  Even though we took a stand against those who would demand tolerance but show us none, I think precious few of us understand just how important today was.   And if we didn't do it in love, prayerfully and with respect, we may have missed the most important thing of all.

As a Christian, it is my duty to spread the good news of Jesus.  Now days, in a world that has allowed the Bible to lose its authority, just about the only way for me to spread the good news is to live my life as Christ-like as possible.   It’s my responsibility to be prayed up, studied up, and looking up, so that if I’m questioned, I will have a good Biblical response for what I believe. 

It is not now, nor has it ever been, my responsibility to save another person from their sins.  That’s the Holy Spirit’s job.   If I do my job by planting seeds and living my life as the best example that I can, the Holy Spirit can do His job, and He knows best the way to reach each and every person who is willing to let Him in their hearts with His saving grace.

Sometimes in the face of opposition,
I can say it best when I say nothing at all.


  1. We did too - it was awesome - like a party. All the Chick Fil A's were jammed packed with Christian's - they even had their employees directing traffic!!

  2. I hope I have raised my childern to be tolerant and have compassion towards others wheather I believe in what they do or say. The Chick Fil A thing had nothing to do with being a Christian, It had to with not letting people be themselves and others judging them. That is why there will never be world peace!

  3. I hit publish before I finished, just want everyone to know why I published under anonymous is because I have to live in this community and you will judge me for sticking up for the all beliefs.

    1. Anon...I know exactly how you feel, and I think that most people have that same concern...on both sides of the coin. Folks aren't always nice.

  4. My brother went to a Chik Fil A; took him 30 minutes to get his order in. It was nice to see the support for an individual who was not afraid to speak his mind and go with what the Bible said is the truth. I'm with you, Meg. We need to be prepared to always give an answer for the hope that we have so we need to be studied up, prayed up and bold enough to present the Good News of Jesus in a kind and gentle way.

    And to comment on your anonymous commenter, of course we won't have world peace. Won't have that until Jesus comes back. Best we can do is try to get along the best we can with who we deal with and love them as Jesus would want us to do.


  5. Amen, sister! Great post and I totally agree with you! We have the rights as Christians to have our own convictions and the freedom to express them - especially when ASKED!!

  6. I am a Christian and if I lived near a Chik-fil-A I'd have gone. I live in Mexico where almost 100% are Catholic. There are no 'left' factions here...yet.

  7. Well, said........
    My favorite part:
    "It is not now, nor has it ever been, my responsibility to save another person from their sins. That’s the Holy Spirit’s job."~~~~Brown Recluse

  8. Wow, look at the lines. I am also upset the way this as been distorted by the news media. All he said is he believes in traditional marriage. He never said anything about gays. We were going to eat there also but I know you understand that I have to stay around home these days. I am glad you went.

    1. Saying that "all he said is he believes in traditional marriage" isn't exactly true. The main reason gay people are upset about this is the fact that CAF has donated millions of dollars to organizations that hurt gays. It has nothing to do with free speech. Read this article for a better understanding. They explain better than I can.

  9. I chose not to get out today (well, yesterday now). I do choose in future to drive a little extra in order to support Chick-fil-A more. Our two stores have been on Cox Creek Pky for 34 years. I would love to see one in another area.

    A quote from a former Sunday School teacher: Just because you're a Christian it doesn't mean you have to be anybody's door mat.

    1. I am sad to hear this but it is your right.

  10. "Sometimes in the face of opposition, I can say it best when I say nothing at all." I wish more Christians would adhere to that until they are actually given something to say by the true Word of God, who is the Lord Jesus Chirst--not the book He Authored to serve as written confirmation of what He wants to personally reveal unto us.


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