Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Musings: The Positive Edition

I’ve been listening to Joyce Meyer…
  • Think on Purpose (even if it’s not true, if you believe it, it’s true for you.) 
  • Replace All Negative Thoughts (you really can control what you think, so choose positive thoughts!) 
  • Like Yourself (you’ll never get beyond what you think about yourself.) 
  • Accept the Fact that God Loves You (and you can’t change that, no matter what you did or what you do.) 
  • Miracles Come in Cans (not can’ts…I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives me Strength.)

One final thought from me:
  • Freedom Tastes Sweet (much better than any cookie or candy bar.)


  1. I've been watching Joyce a lot lately, too. Some very good stuff. although I've watched her off and on for years, and have several books of hers, lately her broadcasts have seemed fresh and just for me. I seem to be having a season of redigging wells.

    I've had you in my prayers. :}


  2. I like her too.

    Great post! I needed to read these things today.....

  3. All great things to print out and keep handy and close by to remember and to think about as you go through your day



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