Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Embarrassing Details

Along our Great Smoky Mountains journey, we rode through Newport, Tennessee, in Cocke County.  From the best I could tell, it's an unfriendly little least the local Wal*Mart folks don't like to be bothered with questions.   If you ever stop there, I suggest you find your own shower cap!  But I digress.

The Newport Wal*Mart is set up much like the super center here, including the restrooms located in the same general area in the front of the store, with one exception that I didn't notice right away:  The men's restroom there was on the opposite side of the one here.   So, when I decided to go to the restroom before we got back on the road, I did what came natural...I automatically went inside the door on the left.'d think I'd notice the man at the urinal right away, wouldn't you?   Uhm-no.   I was looking at the feet in the stalls to see which one was empty.   My initial thought was that the lady in the first stall (who was, by direction of the feet, facing the toilet) had on men's shoes.   Then, I glanced at the "lady washing her hands" I had seen in my peripheral vision, only to realize in dismay that was no lady, and for sure he wasn't washing his hands.  

I was completely in the restroom...with the door closed behind me...before I figured all this out.  I'm sure it was only a matter of seconds before the realization-then-mad-scramble took place, and I heard the man giggling as I fumbled to quickly get out of there.  

On another day...we decided to take some back roads and explore the outlying areas of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.   We came upon a small town called Chestnut Hill.   It was a very pretty area with very green pastures full of cows...which turned out to belong to the Bush Bean folks.   We didn't realize that until we happened upon this:  

A country store...
We simply had to stop!

The visit turned out to be a little more than just a beany visit to a country was a cafe and a full scale visitor center with a bean museum.   Believe it or not, it was beany interesting.   I didn't have my big camera with me (who knew I would need it??) so these two photos are with my little camera, and that's why they aren't the best shots.


This was taken with my cell phone inside the museum.
We walked inside a giant can of beans...

Who would have thought a bean museum could be fun?


  1. Oh, too embarrassing about the restroom! I've never gotten much past the door on my occasional trespasses into outer limits. Your account of it made me laugh--especially the part about the woman, facing the wrong way and wearing men's shoes. Gasp! lol.

    We will definitely try to add Chestnut Hill to our things to see next time we go to Gatlinburg! My husband LOVES Bush's beans. :D

    I hope you have some more trip tales. ...and, of course, I'm still waiting for the pictures of poop. :D


  2. Just be glad it didn't happen locally...

    I can see the headline on a certain blog: Black Sheep the Brown Recluse gets sex change?

  3. I would have enjoyed that Bush museum/country store; I always like things like that. LOL about the bathroom! I can see myself doing something similar. I'm sure the male occupants that saw you there did get a good chuckle indeed!



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