Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some Presidential Vote Notes

Some 58 million people tuned in to watch the first debate 2012 presidential election cycle between President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.    

Some groups of people watched the same debate, and are polar opposites on who made sense and who didn’t.

Some minds were already made up before the debate. 

Some Christians will vote for a man and a party who supports things the Bible speaks strongly against.

Some Atheists/Agnostics will vote Republican.

Some will vote for Romney because he’s white; some for Obama because he’s black.

Some will vote only for the party for which they’ve always voted, no matter who the candidate is.

Some will believe everything they read/hear in the media without researching anything, and that’s true of both the right and the left.

Some people will pray for direction before choosing a candidate.

Some people think that God has no business in government. 

Some people will pray God’s will for America.

Some people will not vote.

Some people realize how important this election is, some do not.

I hope you are one of the “some” who prayerfully selects your candidate before casting your vote.


  1. Amen - I sure hope people dig deep!

  2. Hey. I am 60 years old. I have voted in every presidential election since I was old enough to vote. Every one. I voted after prayerful consideration of how the candidates lined up with my values and beliefs as a Christian. Even when I felt that I was picking the lesser of two evils, I voted.

    I am so grieved to say that I don't know if I'll be voting this year.

    I'm praying about it, Margaret, I am. I just don't know if I can stand before God and explain that I voted for someone whose definition of God and Jesus are in direct conflict with what the Bible says. I don't know that the values of "right living" trump being a cult member in God's mind.

    When I say that I don't know if I'm gong to vote, I mean that I really don't know. Wrestling with it.


  3. I think you summed it up pretty well, Meg, with your thoughts. I was just talking to hubby about something similar today. Someone commented on my recent blog post that she had fasted and prayed before she made her decision on who to vote for; I think more of us need to do that.

    It does bother me about Mr. Romney's religious beliefs and I understand the other commenter's thoughts. Sadly, I don't believe either candidate has a faith in the God we worship and we believe in.

    But I have to say, it does make me wonder if God has turned his back on America. After all we (figuratively) have turned our back on him. We kill his babies (abortion), we take him out of the schools, we redefine marriage. Why should he bless America?

    Getting off my soap box :)

    and praying....


  4. Since God created Church, Home, and State, it seems important to remember the three are distinctly separate. That being said, I vote for those whose beliefs most closely mirror mine (and Bible teaching).

    I don't find Mormonism to be Biblical, but I believe Romney should be able to govern without forcing his beliefs down our throats. The U.S. has a system of checks and balances that prevents that.

    While I don't think Obama is a Muslim, I'm not sure his Christianity is anything more than a political mask. Forgive me if I judge when I shouldn't. Lesser of two evils? Yes, it usually boils down to that.


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