Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Musings: The Merry Edition

Dear December:
Didn’t we just say goodbye to you?   Welcome back!

Dear Christmas:
I resolve to remember each and every day this month exactly Who you represent.  I have also decided to enjoy every day of December and not stress about the “small things.”  

Dear Jesus:
Thank you for my redemption…my mind doesn’t fully comprehend the mercy You showed us on Calvary. 

Dear Complaints:
I plan to use you less and less.   In fact, you may just go away, I don’t need you anymore!

Dear Gratitude:
Welcome to my life.  I’ve needed you for quite some time.  I pledge to water you and nourish you, you and let you grow like kudzu around my heart and soul.

Dear God:
I am deeply grateful for the Baby Jesus.  I appreciate so much You giving Your son for me.  I have no words to adequately thank You…but I do…thank You. 

Dear Early New Year Resolutions:
I resolve to be thankful every day, not just for the days in December, but every day for the rest of my life.   I wish to be more like Jesus.   I promise to endeavor to be less quick to judge and make unnecessary comments about others.

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  1. I liked it all; especially saying goodbye to complaints and hello to gratitude!

    Enjoy December!



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