Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Musings...the Cold, Wet Edition

It’s definitely Monday.


I am glad for a little winterish weather; it makes things seem just a little more Christmassy.  I wish I were in Gatlinburg right now, though.  Well, not today, they’re having severe storms, but I’d like to be there for a few days in the Christmas season.  I’m missing the mountains right now.   If ever I were to leave my beloved Shoals, I would live in the mountains.

I am in a bit of quiet mood today, remembering Who is in control and not letting the cares of this world affect my mental stability...which is questionable on even the best of days!   Ah, but He did give us a sound mind, didn’t He?  (II Timothy 1:7)  There are days when I must hold on tightly to the knowledge that He already knows my cares…and He does, indeed, have a plan.   And if you ever...if you EVER wonder if God really answers prayers, take it from me, HE DOES!   I am humbled by His grace and mercy.

Did I mention chilly…damp…Monday?   I will definitely need to build a fire tonight.   We woke up to our high today, and the temps are slowing dropping.   I woke up last night to the slow, lonnnng rumble of distant thunder complete with the driving rain hitting my roof and pouring off my window. 

I would insert something intelligent or funny here, but I’m blank…and I have to be honest and say I’d rather be curled up in my bed under my warm blanket watching “You’ve Got Mail” or “Home Alone”…or some other sappy movie. 

I’ll end with one “Dear …” Musing:
Dear Hardee’s:
Someone needs to teach your cook staff how to make a low carb burger.   It’s not a piece of meat thrown into a box on top of a tomato and a couple of pieces of lettuce!  By the way, if someone is ordering a low carb burger, it’s an almost guarantee they don’t want fries with that.

Have a beautiful...wet...cold...Monday...


  1. It's a chilly & damp Monday here in beautiful western Washington too. The woodstove in my living room is glowing. And yes, He does answer prayers and have a plan for our lives. 'Praise God from whom all blessing flow.'

  2. It's seems to be raining all over the world, to quote the old song. We've had rain for a day and a half straight. It's not yet three pm here, but it's so dark all of our lights are on. Although, for Pittsburgh, it's warm so I had some windows open for a bit (58 degrees) to get what may be the last bit of fresh air. Smells like spring. :D

    Snow is forecast for tomorrow morning. Like they say, if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute--it will change. :}

    Praying for us all during the storms of life, too. Hey, there's a picture of a storm on the sidebar of my old blog. If you click on it, the song "I Will Praise You in this Storm" will come up. You may enjoy it.

    I just remembered that. I'll head over and take a listen myself.


  3. LOL about minus the fries with a low carb burger. Hoping Hardees does eventually learn how to cook one to one's taste! So right God is in control and is so merciful and does answer prayers!

    72 degrees right now, but we are due for a storm with colder weather (high 50s) later this week.

    stay warm!



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