Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Two Cent Tuesday

A smorgasbord of capricious and arbitrary thoughts…

I have a secret. Well…it’s only a secret to those who don’t know. But I’ll be sharing it with the bloggy world in January.  I have to admit, it doesn’t really affect anyone but me, though those who love me are happy for me.

Once upon a time, I enjoyed (for some perverse reason) Operation Repo. I lost interest when I figured out it’s just a show of reenactments!

While I’m pretty sure Facebook is not “good” for the world, I have to say I enjoy keeping up with friends and relatives with whom I would otherwise have very limited (or no) contact.

Conversation overheard on campus:
Student:             Hey, Professor, do you have a minute?
Professor:          (Hesitantly) Uhm, yeah.   What do you need?
Student:             The answers to the final?

I’m not an Obama fan, I think there’s no secret about that.  I did like, however, his response…the red line…to the chemical weapons threat in Syria. 

While reading some of the stories in Genesis, I just don’t know what to say.   Noah cursing Canaan because Canaan's dad told his uncles Noah was drunk and naked, but yet Canaan was the promised land?   Lot’s wife a pillar of salt?  Was that literal or was that a spiritual/heart thing?  Lot’s daughters?!  Oh my!   Interesting reading, for sure.

Who has the patience for Twitter?   I really can’t express anything I need to say in 40 characters or less.  Obviously.   Have you ever seen my Six WordSaturdays?   I’ve never only used six words.   I think I’ll try it just once.   NOT.

I have only heard the story, The Hundred Dresses, once in my life (in third grade) but I still remember the main character’s name:  Wanda Petronski.  I remember the gist of the story as well.  I’d like to read it again…

“Actually” is a word that is overused these days.   Awesome is, too.   But I’ve already covered that.   Don’t even get me started on “literally” when it is figuratively.   

And seriously!   Some people don’t have a clue when to use “me” instead of “I,” and think they are being all grammatically correct...never mind.   Every time I get on a grammar rant, I make some big mistake on my post.  (The good Lord knows I hate my own typos and mistakes, but don’t mind laughing at yours.)  So I won’t even mention it’s vs. its, your vs. you’re, or ending sentences in prepositions.   Nor will I mention those run on paragraphs with no capitalizations or punctuation.  

Ah, well.  I did mention them, didn’t I?

Have a good Tuesday.


  1. Interesting thing about prepositions.

    A couple of years ago, I took an online course for some sort of business writing. Part of the drill involved studying samples of writing and finding the errors. I pointed out that one f the sentences ended with a preposition.

    Guess what the instructor said! She said that ending a sentence with a preposition is NOT grammatically incorrect! :O Since when, I wondered.

    The instructor said that contorting a sentence to avoid the ending prep is no longer done. The goal is "ease of reading and clarity" it seems.

    That little tidbit has allowed me to begin say asking,"What are you looking for?" Rather than, "For what do you search, dear Prince?" snicker.

    As far as typos and the you're, it's, etc. Ack. Sometimes I am totally humiliated when I reread my posts and see I've typed the wrong your, its, to, there, etc. It's not that I don't know correct usage. Something happens when I try to type as fast as I think. Apparently, the words fall out of my fingers as they choose and apart from my brain.

    Of course, when you add my typing issues to my poor eyesight, well, I just hope people assume i know what it SHOULD say. :}

    Like, I bet you meant to type "I have only heard the story" rather than "I have only hear the story." Snicker. Yes, again with the snicker.


  2. Bwahaha I new I'd make a mistake in a grammar rant! of course, I usually have at least one mistake in every post.

    But I'm going to fix it so no one will know it was there unless they read the comments! Heheh

  3. oh i had to laugh when i read how you hate your typos but laugh at ours!! and i know that i'm on that drives you crazy since i most always refuse to use the shift key....alas...what are sisters for?? lol i mean....why sweat the small stuff?
    as far as some of the stories in the ot....some of them are beyond my understanding or comprehension. and lot's wife...yes, i do believe she literally became a pillar of salt.

  4. I think I know your secret :)

    I think Lot's wife was a pillar of salt. You are right, Lot's daughters......but see that's why the Bible is such a great true book, flawed people being redeemed by a loving merciful God through grace.

    I know grammar, sometimes I don't use it correctly, LOL, but in my line of work when we have to type verbatim and not change things it does get a bit frustrating when you hear grammar being butchered right and left.



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