Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Musings: Fog and Francis Edition

Dear Pope Francis:
I believe I would be a little insulted to have been on that list in the first place.

Dear Time Magazine:
Out of all the people in the world...that's your list?  Miley Cyrus?  Kathleen Sebelius?  Assad/Rouhani/Obama??

Dear Friend:
Sometimes I don’t always reply to your last email, but I “liked” it in my mind.

Dear Co-Worker:
You asked me why I thought I had to wear tights with my new boots…so today I wore socks.   My boots are eating them.  Yes…by the time I got to my office, they were down around my toes!  A slight exaggeration, but you get the point.

Dear Fog:
I don’t know how thick pea soup is, but I understand that on mornings like this morning, you are just that thick!

Dear Pea Soup:
What are you?  Do you even really exist?

Dear Stupid Driver:
Get off your phone, turn on your lights, and pay attention!  Do you not see that you’re driving in pea soup-thick fog?

Dear Camera:
I can’t believe you chose to die on me before I got to take more than 3 pictures of the fog-frozen spider webs!   You caused me to miss some great shots!  Here’s one I didn’t miss…

 photo DSCN2241_zps6ad79dec.jpg

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Six Word Saturday: The Changing Vets Edition

One More Reason to Change Vets

 photo 100_6189_zpsc743c59a.jpg

I should probably stop here...six words, you know...but if you want the back story, here it is:

A couple of weeks ago, I had Mr. Gibbs “fixed.”   I had already decided I didn’t care much for the unhelpful, often unfriendly staff, but I did like the veterinarian.   They told me to bring him in before 8 a.m. and pick him up after 3:30 p.m., which jived fairly well with my work schedule. 

The vet called me around 10 a.m. and told me he was out of surgery and resting comfortably.   Less than an hour later, he called back and said Gibbs was ready to go, I could pick him up anytime.   I kinda laughed and said, “He doesn’t like that cage, does he?”   He said, “Noooo, he sure doesn’t!”   I told him I hadn’t scheduled to be off the afternoon, and I couldn’t just take him home with no one to watch him.   He said it would be fine to leave him there as scheduled.

When I went to get him around 4, the lady at the front desk couldn’t tell me whether or not he’d had anything to eat or drink, or if he’d been out to do his business.   The conversation went something like this:

Me:        Has he been out?  

Her:       We thought you’d do that when you got here.

Me:        He’s been locked up all day.  You all haven’t walked him?

Her:       :::Blank stare:::

Me:        Has he had anything to eat or drink?

Her:       :::Started a long, memorized spiel about him just waking up from anesthesia and it being very important to start him very slowly on eating and drinking:::

Me:        The doctor called me before 11 a.m. and said he was awake, alert, and ready to go.  It’s after 4 now.  I’d hate to think he’s been here all that time with nothing to eat or drink.

Her:       I wouldn’t like that either.

Me:        Well, has he had anything to eat or drink?

Her:       :::Speaking into walkie talkie::: “Get Gibbs ready to go.”   (She then went to get him and brought him to me.)

Me:        Can you find out if he’s already had anything to eat or drink?   Can he have a snack on the way home?  

Her:       “I’m sure he can have a snack.”  :::Shoved some papers into my hand:::  “Read those directions carefully.”  Turning to another lady in the lobby, “Mrs. Johnson, are you ready to pick up Fido?”

At which point, Mr. Gibbs took a whiz on her floor.   As I was leaving, I said over my shoulder, “He peed over there.”    I probably didn’t keep the glee out of my voice.

Friday, December 6, 2013

What the Crap?

UNA Snow
Depending on how you use it (…or just about any way you use it…) “crap” is probably a cuss word.   Swearing, that is.   The Bible says “do not swear,” (James 5), but I don’t think he’s talking about cussing in that chapter.   Not that I’m advocating cussing!  That would be crappy of me, especially since I charge dimes and quarters at work for folks who cuss….yes, I’m that chick in the office with a cuss jar on her desk.  After this post, I think I’ll have to drop a few coins in the jar my own self.   Crap!

Snow in my front yard
It’s a nap-crappy day out today in the Shoals, cold and wet, but we have it good compared to those north of us.   They are threatening us with the possibility of frozen precipitation, but I have found over the years, if they are predicting it, we usually don’t get it.   Sometimes sneaky sleet gets us…and we don’t have a lot of warning.  For some reason in the south, if the words sleet, snow, or ice, are in the forecast, it’s a law that you must congregate at the local grocery stores and wipe them out of milk and bread…toilet paper…whatever, even if the next day is going to be 50° and no snow or ice will survive!   Crap-silly, isn’t it?   Can’t say I don’t follow the snow rules at times.    
Frozen falls...Rockpile, TVA-The Shoals
In the south, snow and/or ice can be a crappy thing.   No native southerner really knows how to drive on snowy roads.  In order for snow to stick on our roadways, it seems there must be a layer of ice first, so in essence, we are really driving on a bed of ice.   Southern cities typically don’t have the equipment to handle major snow and ice, and no one I know owns any snow chains.  It’s a near-guarantee people will be in ditches when it snows, and that can be pretty crappy.  I don’t think we’ll get any really crappy weather this weekend, so I’m not planning to fight the crowds for bread or milk today.   Good thing I’m not in need of either.

Cardinals in my back yard
The crappy question for today is:   How long will it be before there is a major uprising against Obama’s Crappy-Care?  I keep waiting.   It was a crap shoot getting decent insurance at a good price before it became “affordable.”  It’s one of those wait-and-see type situations.  I wish I had faith that it would all work out, but I think the plan is, well, crappy…and I have no faith in the current administration.
Ice Forest, Southern Tennessee

If you’re still reading, I’m sure you’ll be relieved that I’ve come to the end of my crap-talk.  I hope your weekend is far from crap-tastic!   (Get your bread and milk just in case…and double check the toilet tissue supply.)  

More UNA Snow:
Snowy Lions in front of Willingham

The Front of Bibb Graves

The a blizzard!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I really thought Miley Cyrus was saying “I came in like a rainbow” in her new song, Wrecking Ball.   She’s not.  I rarely listen to secular music, but I live in the real world, and I can’t help but hear things…like her song.  Unfortunately, I’ve also seen part of the video.   Now, I can’t hear the song without a mental image of Miley naked.  I hope I never hear that song again!   If you haven’t been subjected to her video, close your eyes if you are ever in the line of fire. 
Maybe it’s just me, but you want your advertising to be taken seriously, don’t say the word, “ginormous” once, much less four times in your ad.  The only thing I remember about that commercial is how silly the word is, and I do not know what product they were trying to sell me.
I saw a guy riding his bicycle around campus a little while back.   It had no seat on it.  Do you hear what I’m saying?   There was a bar where a seat should have een, pointed directly at the center of his posterior.   If he were to slip off a pedal…well, have you ever heard the expression, “Ripped him a new one?”  Yeah, pretty sure that’s what would have happened. 
Ole Boyism:
Me:  If we have to have a democrat in office, I think Hillary would have been a better choice.
Ole Boy:   She's already served two terms, how many more do you want to give her?

Have a great Friday!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The General

 photo AuntMargaretandJunior_zps2259af72.jpg
Aunt Margaret (The General), Uncle Junior

When the perishable puts on the imperishable,
and the mortal puts on immortality,
then shall come to pass the saying that is written:
“Death is swallowed up in victory.”
O death, where is your victory?
O death, where is your sting?
…But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:54-57

This weekend, I opened a Gaither Homecoming CD and listened to it for the first time.   I bought it last November and planned to give it to my Aunt Margaret for her birthday.   But, I forgot to give it to her.   I thought I would give it to her this year…but I didn’t know where it was, and in the hustle-bustle of the party planning for my dad’s birthday, the thought slipped my mind again.  She loved southern gospel, as do I.

I don’t believe I was named for my aunt, my dad’s sister.  It’s my understanding that Dad just liked the name, "Margaret.She and I shared a common dislike of the name, though I’ve grown to like it more over the years.   Margaret means pearl.   My aunt was definitely a pearl.

She was called “The General” by her family.  She was always planning a trip here or there.  When she instigated those many vacations, she did her research, planning what to do and see.  She enjoyed life, and she enjoyed our family being together.  She was always considerate towards those around her…making sure we were comfortable.  She was generous not only with her time, but with her things as well.   She gave to those in need.   She was a woman of profound faith…she didn’t worry (and would fuss a little at my mom for worrying).   She was a pearl indeed, a most precious gem of gems.   

She and my dad had become very close over the years since retirement, and they were often plotting a new vacation, or a chance to visit.  They shared a "love" of coupons and vitamins and herbs.  My extended family likes to get together…we don’t do it near enough…but The General sure did her part in visiting.  Just a few short months ago, Ole Boy and I, along with my parents, my sister and her husband, took a trip to Branson, Missouri.   Aunt Margaret, as always, had a suggested itinerary…and as always, a very good one, at that.

I had a connection with her that perhaps came from my answering for her repeatedly over the years, only to realize that someone was addressing the “other” Margaret.  She laughed at my corniness, the crazy comments I would interject into conversation.  When I said the password was “BR549,” she knew immediately where that originated.  She loved me because I was family, but she liked me, too.   She made sure that I knew she did. 

Two weekends ago, we celebrated my Dad’s 80th birthday.   His birthday wasn’t until Wednesday, but we celebrated early on the weekend for the convenience of those who would travel to help celebrate.   Aunt Margaret’s birthday was two days before Dad’s.  They liked to get together each year for a birthday dinner…but this year, Margaret wouldn’t hear of sharing the party, even though her birthday came first.

Aunt Margaret and Uncle Junior left for home on Monday, November 18, her birthday.  There was an accident, and the Lord saw fit to call her Home.  I imagine that there was a grand reunion, and perhaps the very best of birthday celebrations.  On that day, she stepped out of time and into “right now.”   Right now, she is visiting with our Lord Jesus, my grandparents, and friends and family that went on before her.  Right now, they are happy, pain free, healed and healthy, and in the presence of the Lord they served so diligently here on earth.  Right now, and forevermore, oh, the music I am sure they are enjoying…far better than the CD I never gave her. 

 photo AuntMargaretandMomandDad_zps09baac58.jpg 
Mom, Dad, Aunt Margaret, Uncle Junior
He will swallow up death forever,
And the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces…
Isiah 25:8

I will miss her; her beautiful spirit, her laugh, her presence.  She was loved.  My Uncle Junior joined his beloved wife just a few short months later.   They were very dear to us...treasures to our family.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Testing the Waters

This is just a little test run on my blog.   It seems that Blogger has taken my now expired custom domain and added to it and redirects back to here.   If you're confused, you should be in my shoes!

Anyway, Dear Reader, if you'd be kind enough to comment if everything works as it should, I would appreciate that, and might even start blogging again.

And for those of you who subscribe, if you could click the link that should open my blog, and comment that that all works as it should, again, I would be most appreciative.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


If I happen to disappear over the next day or two, I successfully transferred my blog here:, but I am still trying to save my custom domain.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where Am I?

Good Morning.

So...I hate Google today.  Yesterday, too.

It appears that sometime today or within the next few days, this domain will cease to be.

I now have to decide what I want to do...keep blogging, blog elsewhere...I don't know yet.

If I have any news/photos to share in the mean time, I will post them HERE.

If you're interested, that is.

I'm mad.  Really.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Who Stole My Blog?

It is a great possibility that I will lose this blog tomorrow.    Google can't get it's crap straight and has informed me that because I have not enabled the "auto-renew" feature for my domain, it will be suspended.   However, there is no "auto renew" option anywhere that I can find, and I have searched high and low.  And I'd like to point out that it has auto-renewed for the last five years.

This happened to me earlier this year with another blog that I didn't really care about so much because I hadn't spend the last five years writing in it like I have this one.

To say I'm upset about it would be an understatement, but I do not have any recourse.   I updated everything I could and I even gave them a second payment source.   But they are telling me that as of tomorrow my domain is suspended.   I cannot find anywhere/anyway to fix the problem.

Stupid Google.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Vacation Photos: Part 2

Because of the government shutdown, and the fact that we didn't know if the National Park and Cade's Cove would be opened while we were there, we made other plans for entertaining ourselves...something Ole Boy and I are pretty good at doing (which is how we found the Bush Bean Visitor Center...and those embarrassing details...last year).  

This year, Phil Robertson my cousin Donnie met us for dinner with the family at Joe's Crab Shack, and he told us about some waterfalls to visit in North Carolina.   He is a GSM tour guide, so you'd think he knows what he's talking about, yes?   Yes!   He certainly did know, and the day we took this trek was one of the best sight seeing days we had!  

 photo DonnieSmith_zpsa44b8ec1.jpg
You can check out his website HERE.
 photo 100_6147_zpsa30585fc.jpg
Most places didn't have a lot of color yet...
we were about a week or so early, it appears.
     photo 100_6032_zps443030b4.jpg
  Some had a little color...
The Dry Falls Observation Deck is to the left

   photo 100_6028_zps6d4c34b3.jpg
Dry Falls
 photo 100_6027_zps6723e159.jpg
   photo 100_6014_zpsd30a9e05.jpg
Rooty Roots at Dry Falls
   photo 100_6007_zps969f1c37.jpg
Behind the falls
   photo 100_6002_zpsd57eb9b7.jpg
Looking out from the falls
   photo 100_5996_zps5c6981f1.jpg 
 The Falls!
  photo 100_5995_zps4a195c9a.jpg
  They were gorgeous!
   photo 100_5992_zpsc70672e8.jpg

  photo 100_6095_zps52c1b427.jpg
  We also drove the Tail of the Dragon  (I call it the devil's tail.)
at Deal's Gap in North Carolina, a road that has 18 curves in 11 miles.
I didn't take pictures because I was driving,
and I saw uh lot of these ess curve signs on that road.
This is a route that motorcyclists take great pride
in finishing alive seeing how fast they can make the curves. 
   photo 100_5925_zpsabbc8350.jpg
Fence at Gatlinburg Bypass overlook
   photo 100_5915_zpsa326342b.jpg
At Newfound Gap 
   photo 100_6154_zps787e9c62.jpg
  photo 100_6135_zps9810a56e.jpg
See the web?  The ol' Brown Recluse does NOT like spiders.

Don't get too excited thinking I'm finished sharing my vacation photos...
There will at least be a Part Three.
I know, I know!  You can't wait!

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Peace in Troublesome Times

World events…and the present unrest in America…can be scary, and it’s easy to forget that we do not have to live in a pit of depression or hopelessness.   Jesus cares for each of us individually, and we don’t have to fear in these troublesome days.
...I am poor and needy; yet the Lord thinks upon me.   You are my help and my deliverer; do not delay, O my God.    Ps 40:17

I really like the 40th Psalm.    I like to be reminded that He thinks about me.   Me!   Me?   Yeah, me.   You, too!
He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps. (vs 2)

Ah, yes!    I just love knowing He is my deliverer and He takes my hand and lifts me from the horrible pit, and not only puts me on solid ground away from sinking sand, but he also sets up my path in a firm and permanent fashion.

Trust...we simply must learn to trust Him.

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man (or blessed am I) who trusts in Him! Ps 34:8

It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man (or myself).   
(Ps 118:8)


Just one more:
PS 143:8  Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning, for in You do I trust; cause me to know the way in which I should walk, for I lift up my soul to You.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, He is your peace.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Roll That Beany Footage!

Last year while exploring the Great Smoky Mountains, by happenstance, Ole Boy and I found the Bush Bean Visitor Center and Museum.   This year, we found it on purpose-stance.   Last year, we were really enjoying the scenery, because Chestnut Hill, Tennessee is quite picturesque.  This year, we came in via a different route on the factory side, and I just have to kinda smelled the after effects of someone eating beans.   Reminiscent of a paper mill, if you've ever had that displeasure.

The route we took last year met us with plush pastures full of bovines...cows, that is, owned by Bush Brothers.   I'd tell you how they use cows in the manufacturing process, and I can't exactly remember.  And the cows didn't smell up the place like the factory did...oddly enough.

 photo DSCN2024_zps4c1d38b5.jpg
The museum is beany informative, and the Bush Brothers history is beany interesting.   If you're ever in the Great Smoky Mountains, it's definitely worth the drive out to visit.   Inside the museum, which is interactive, by the way, you'll find a huge can of can walk inside of it and press buttons and learn all about, well, beans.
 photo DSCN2034_zpsea9643f7.jpg

Old labels and pressure cookers...

 photo DSCN2033_zpsdbf277f8.jpg

 photo DSCN2035_zps55610ea9.jpg
Ole Boy said once upon a time he worked on 
cash registers that looked like this.
 photo DSCN2049_zps22ca78b8.jpg
Little Duke Puppies are easily found throughout the store.

 photo DSCN2027_zps738d3e9b.jpg
What bean company would be complete without a bean stalk?

 photo DSCN2054_zps4e40dd76.jpg
Inside the General Merchandise Store...
 photo DSCN2043_zps694ecdc4.jpg

 photo DSCN2057_zps0d0fa2c6.jpg
Outside the visitor center, decorated for Fall...
 photo DSCN2055_zpsa96ed799.jpg

 photo DSCN2063_zpsce47e820.jpg
Old Trucks and Ole Boy...
 photo DSCN2068_zps4bb259ea.jpg

They even take your picture...for free!
 photo d3ca5246-95af-4f9b-ae3b-c0eed93f127a_zpsd1bdad3a.jpg
Here's Duke getting ready to tell us the secret recipe.

 photo 100_5996_zps5c6981f1.jpg
I am still working on vacation photos Part 2~
here's a little hint of what's to come!

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