Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Cent Tuesday

Two Cent Tuesday looks a lot like 
Monday Musings, doesn't it?

Dear Lady in the Wal*Mart  Makeup Aisle:
Yes, I’m aware of all the chemicals in makeup, and yes, I use it anyway.  I’m much more concerned about all the germs on door handles and shopping carts!   Just be glad I didn’t preach to you about all the germy hands that have touched the very products you already have in your cart.   And if you’re really worried, stay away from the medicine aisle!

Dear Co*Worker
You’re a man with a little power.   If you continuously allow certain people to break the rules, then you greatly disrespect those who follow the rules.   I’ll venture to say that your lack response to the problem is escalating the situation. 

Dear Family Member of a Family Member:
Calm down!  My goodness, you’re going to have ulcers soon if you don’t stop taking everything so personally!  The world really doesn’t revolve around your beliefs, and if someone has different views, it’s not a personal insult.   If you can’t disprove what’s being said, resorting to name calling won’t help, and whining about how offended you are certainly doesn’t garner any respect, especially when you really had no reason to be worked up in the first place.

Dear Student:
My word!  Put a skirt on with those tights!   I just really don’t know what to say!  

Dear Jacks:
Have you missed me?   I haven’t stopped in for breakfast in six months.   I have to say, I’m a little surprised you’re still in business!   I’m kinda kidding…but I did have a thing going on with you for many years.    I can’t say that I’ve missed you all that much.

Dear Ole Boy:
You are very, very good to me, and I appreciate you more than my words can tell you.


  1. Oh, amen. My goodness, well done! I really like this!

  2. LOL; I love the student and the skirt/tights. I can only imagine the look she got as she traveled across campus. WTG to avoid Jacks :)

    Ole Boy is a keeper!


  3. What a great post!! You are SUCH a cool person!

  4. Awwwww, the Ole Boy comment was sweet. :)



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