Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Believing When the Scales Slow Down

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As I mentioned the other post day, I started dread-milling last week.   One reason I decided to start a little exercise regimen is because the scales aren’t moving.  Since late January, the scales have only fluctuated between 70-72 pounds lost.  This morning, it was 72.4 pounds, and that’s after 5 days of exercise.  I wish I could say that my attitude has been perfect through this whole plateau, but I’m sure you are smart enough to recognize a lie.   It can be flustrating (a cross between being flustered and frustrated) to step on the scales day after day, and weigh the same.

So what’s a believer to do?

For me, when it gets to the point that I forget to be thankful for freedom; when the number on the scales become more important than just being grateful that I am no longer in the cycle of binge/guilt/binge/loathing myself, it’s time to stop weighing for a while. 

This morning, I noticed a piece of Russell Stover sugar free coconut chocolate candy on my kitchen counter.  Then I remembered, I set that out to eat last night, but forgot.   I put two pieces out last night, ate one…but completely forgot the other one.   That, my friend, is something that has never happened in my life!   So, for me to define myself by a number on the scale is completely ridiculous!   I forgot a piece of candy…chocolate coconut candy!   The fact that I only got out two was a miracle in itself, but to only eat one?   I am free!   No matter how little the scales move. 

Saturday, I was scrounging around in the garage looking for some clothes to wear, because my clothes are too big these days (and I refuse to buy any right now).   As I was piddling around, I happened to put my hand on my hips, and I felt something.   I would have freaked out thinking I had a knot or something, except that it was on both sides.   I called over to Ole Boy, “Come here and feel of this!  What is it?”   He came and pushed around a little, and said, “That’s your bone!” 


It’s been a while since I’ve felt that.
I’ve felt of it a few times since Saturday.

Plateaus are a part of losing weight.   I am not above hitting one.   I didn’t want to hit one, but I’m no different than anyone else.  I refuse to give into the “flustration” of defining myself or my God-given freedom because of the number on a scale.  You, Believer, are a child of God, a joint heir with Christ.   Jesus laid down his life for our freedom, and just as we believe for our salvation, believe for your freedom.   My friend, it doesn’t matter what chains you are struggling with, He is your freedom.   

If you are bothered by the numbers, stop looking at them!   You know in your knower if you are doing “everything right” just as you know if you’re fudging a little.  If you’re doing everything right, then be patient.  There must be a reason that God gives us plateaus.   Keep believing.   


  1. Your body is probably just shifting things around after the weight loss you have and "catching" up so to speak. I'm sure the plateau will be over sooner than later, but good idea to avoid weighing for a bit and enjoying the non scale victories like feeling bones :)


  2. I was reading in Mark this morning, where the woman in the crowd reached out and touched Jesus' cloak, and was healed. He said to her: “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” And I thought of you! I really did. And felt the Lord remind me to Believe, and I can have that same freedom. :-)

  3. I think this is wonderful! You are an inspiration! I do get frustrated by the weight plateaus, too. I think it is only human. But, yay You!

  4. Don't fret - plateaus happen. Like Forest Gump said. You're doing great!

  5. On the downside, I've tried Russell Stover sugar-free candy, and if I'm ever given any more, I'll donate them to you!

    Plateaus happen. Instead of a tread mill, have you tried crunches to tighten up?

    BTW, Happy Birthday!

  6. Don't look at plateaus as stumbling blocks and obstacles, but as events that inspire you to keep pushing. Plateaus only serve to prove whether your motivations are real and lasting, or simply temporal and fleeting. Look at them in the positive! Keep up the good work, sister!!!

  7. Ahhh, Margaret, that's the down side of being smaller, isn't it? At 250 pounds, you may be able to lose weight quite nicely while eating 2000 calories. At 200 pounds--not so much. It's a simple rule: As you weigh less, you have to eat weigh less. :} Yeah. I don't like that rule, either.

    There are two issues here, however. One is weight loss and the other is freedom. Whether you lose another pound or not, freedom from food obsession and bingeing is just that--FREEDOM!



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