Monday, February 25, 2013

My Weekend In Photos

For my long birthday weekend, Ole Boy and I went to Nashville. 
 photo 20130224_23_zps7c3c80ad.jpg  
 Isn't this a pretty view of the skyline?
 photo 20130224_35_zpseec3e7b4.jpg
  I needed to straighten this shot, didn't I?

I had to do some climbing to get to this view.
I'm looking down (catching my breath)
 photo 20130224_15_zpsdd7ca184.jpg
  And then I had to do more climbing.
 photo 20130224_20_zpsa1a1894f.jpg
 And still the climb wasn't over!
 photo 20130224_34_zpsbee7aff9.jpg
to get to the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge
 I got some great shots, but you'll just have to wait until April 
during the A to Z challenge to see them.
(I know you're excited!)

 photo 20130224_262_zps665c406c.jpg
 This is at the Bass Pro Shop at Opry Mills Mall
We did a lot of walking at the mall!  

 photo 20130224_161_zpsf570beb5.jpg
Flowers at the Opryland Hotel
 photo 20130224_160_zps6d736bfe.jpg
 photo 20130224_318_zps971f3b54.jpg
The Nashville Flea Market
 photo 20130224_315_zps5714fd2a.jpg
 photo 20130224_307_zps3117e577.jpg
The chandelier at our hotel.  It was five stories high.
Almost looks like water, doesn't it?
 photo 20130224_280_zps36560c61.jpg
Isn't this chair ugly?   It's so ugly I didn't sit in it!  
But the truly great thing is that I didn't sit in any chairs,
And I walked all the way around the mall.
It's a really big mall.
(We walked another mall, too, the Cool Springs Galleria)
There were also benches along the Pedestrian bridge, 
and I didn't sit, not one time! 

  photo 20130224_275_zps6b0c7e94.jpg
There were lots of great aromas in the mall, 
but I didn't fall for these tricks!   
The funny thing about Sweet CeCe's 
(to me, anyway) is that back in 2009, 
I named my eating issue CeCe,
Compulsive Eating Compulson Epic

  photo 20130224_273_zpsc0022c16.jpg
And sugar didn't win.   I did.

On this trip, we were a lot more active than in recent years!   I think I was more excited about all that I was doing than I was about the trip itself.  (I don't know if that's sad or not.)  In years past, I just had no energy to drag myself around a mall, much less TWO of them!   And you can rest assured, I did more sitting than I did walking.   Not this time!  No sitting, all walking.   We walked at the Flea Market, which included a big hill, more walking at the malls, hills on the bridge (again, no sitting!) and a trip through the Opryland Hotel, and I had to walk from the mall parking lot to get to the hotel.   

It's been a long time since I really visited a mall, other than running in and out of only one or two stores.   I didn't realize they've turned the mall into a fair midway of people trying to grab you and suck the life out of you get your money.  Their favorite pick up line was "Can I ask you a question?"   Folks wanted to know if I washed my  hands a lot.   ??!   Or did I clean my face?   Or "Hey, let me give you something!"   Yeah, right.

I did fall for one of those "deals."  It cost me $200.  No lie.  However...I'm quite happy about that one.

Come Sunday, I was pretty tired.   But that didn't stop us from stopping and taking a short side trip along the Natchez Trace to see some waterfalls.   Only...The path was pretty steep and wet, so I didn't go all the way down.   I will try to post pics of that tomorrow...but I didn't get a lot of good shots.

Speaking of tomorrow (or the next day), we'll talk about all those wonderful Nashville restaurants.... 


  1. It sounds like a wonderful trip all ways round! The picture of the lobby light made me laugh. When I first glanced at it, I thought, "Margaret took a picture of her shower?" Then I realized that it was unlikely that you would be able to catch the water in mid-descent, so I looked closer and realized it was a light. Very funny.

    I hope you bought yourself some new clothes while you were at that mall! :D


  2. great view of the skyline! great pix and sounds like you had a wonderful time. :)

  3. Love all the pictures; and good for you for getting a "head start" on things for A/Z. Sounds like a wonderful weekend away; glad to hear you could tell the difference in your physical endurance and that you were not tempted by the things that "attack" one at malls if they allow themselves to slowly meander around the food court and whatnot!


  4. Thanks for bringing back some memories of traveling there for conventions with my brother. This was pre-cell phone days so we used walkie talkies.I was not feeling well so I found a couch in Opryland hotel and went to sleep. They could not find me and it had been hours. When I woke up they were filming a Good Year commercial. When we finally found each other, he wouldnt believe me about the commercial or finding a couch in a corner. I took him halfway across the hotel to show him and he just smirked. As you can tell,I was way out of range of the walkie talkies. I have another Nashville memory with him and my mom that I will share with you sometime.

  5. Ol' Boy better watch out or you'll be attracting younger models!

  6. What a long birthday weekend....what a "work out".....what appears you had a most wonderful time....and love those flea markets....I agree the chair is ugly...wink wink ....Happy belated birthday


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