Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nashville Part 2; Thoughts on Freedom

 photo 20130224_174_zpsa10d8480.jpg
On the way home from Nashville, we stopped at Fall Hollow
Waterfalls.   I fully understand the name "Fall Hollow."  
It was a little rougher terrain than I remembered.  
"Unimproved" includes mud, overgrown roots, and steep hills.
 photo 20130224_185_zpsb671bfdc.jpg
The path down.   It was a lot steeper than it looks.

 photo 20130224_176_zpsdef56443.jpg
This was the better looking part of the path.

 photo 20130224_195_zpsc4bd9030.jpg
Rooty Roots!

 photo 20130224_187_zps6a7b091b.jpg
Small falls
 photo 20130224_173_zps6743627b.jpg
The larger falls.  
I don't think I could have made it down the path to get better 
shots.   Very pretty, though!   I've made the trip down before, 
a long time ago, but I am certain the path was not as treacherous.

When I first started planning my long weekend in Nashville, I made a mental note of the restaurants I wanted to visit.  One of those choices was the Loveless Café for breakfast.   Biscuits and jam!  Yes, I ate it, and no, it wasn’t low carb, but it sure was good!  I also ordered this omelette:  
 photo 20130224_231_zps3cb85f3a.jpg
I only ate half.  Definitely low carb.
I was working the puzzles while I waited for my food.     

I also went to my favorite catfish place, Cock of the Walk...I love that place.

There are some life-long habits I need to break.  One is eating too fast, but I usually forget to work on that until I've already gobbled my food.   Then I think, "I could have enjoyed that a little more."  But the big thing I find myself reverting back to is guilt...or a better term I learned in counseling: "pseudo guilt."    

Eating biscuits with jam and fried catfish isn’t a sin; overeating (anything) is.  That’s when I get into gluttony.  Gluttony is a choice, just like choosing to eat a biscuit for breakfast, or breaded foods for dinner.  So, just because I ate a little jam on two small biscuits, my brain wanted to tell me "You've blown it now."   I've learned to recognize these lies, and I now can put II Corinthians 10:5 to work in my thought process and cast down those arguments, and all the thoughts that try to exalt themselves against the knowledge of my God given Freedom, and bring those thoughts into captivity to the obedience of Christ.

(By the way, I can't "blow it" because I am not on a diet.  I have simply cut out all cookies, cake, and candy, the former mainstay of my diet, and strictly limited other carbs such as bread and jam.)

There are certain items I can’t eat without knowing that I am going to face cravings later on.  A little bit of jam on a biscuit this past weekend didn't set my cravings in motion.   For some reason, though, Mexican food does make me want to eat for no reason...
Let me state emphatically that cravings from Mexican food are not nearly as strong as the uncontrollable cravings I used to get while sugar was still a staple of my regular food intake.  Sugar cravings are much more intense, and much harder to withstand.  In fact, I never could manage to withstand them.  Cutting   sugar out makes a huge difference.  (Said after I ate jam this past weekend...)
Later in the evening after a Mexican dinner, when I want to eat when I am not hungry, being able to recognize it for what it is, I am able to stay strong and not keep eating.  

For sure, I’m no expert on this low-carb thing.  It's a learning process, and I am learning as I go.   I know for sure it's LOW carb, not no carb.   :::big smile:::  If I ever figure it all out, I'll be sure to share the info with you.  For now, I just don't want to appear like I'm talking in circles.  

To confuse you (me) even more about my sugar cravings, let me tell you about what I did in early January.  I rarely EVER drink soda, diet or otherwise, but I drank a full leaded Sprite by accident  (I thought it was a Sprite Zero...don't ask how I could do that...I don't know!!), but I didn’t realize it until the next day.  I didn't have any any crazy cravings.  It made me wonder if it’s all in my head, but then I remembered day after day after day of binge eating, a seemingly uncontrollable "need" to eat before I started low carb.  So I know the cravings are definitely real...but I have no answer for why the Sprite didn't bother me, because sometimes I unintentionally eat something with sugar and don’t realize it until later when the cravings hit, and I go back over what I've eaten and have an "Aha!" moment.  

I have already learned that the lower the carbs, the better the weight loss.  (I have also learned that I don’t like plateaus, but I thank God for them anyway, because I feel there must be a reason our bodies refuse to let go of pounds at times.)  I have also recognized that I probably won't ever be one of those people who will never eat bread or pizza again.   However, I have found it’s a lot easier to not overeat when I when I don’t eat those things.  Again, it comes down to choices.

By the way, after the semi-carby weekend, I think my plateau is finally over.  I am 74 pounds down.   

One last thought to share with you:  Freedom is real.   You can have it, too.  If ever I doubt that it's real, I only need to wake up the morning after a bad food choice (such as, for example, a fried catfish dinner) and be able to go right along as though I ate broccoli and broiled fish the night before.  Please never doubt that, indeed, you can be free from the shackles that bind you.


  1. Looked like a pretty place you walked on for a bit! Glad to see this plateau is over; lets hope there won't be another one! I think you are indeed learning lots on this walk; thanks for sharing your journey with us!


  2. Wonderful photos. I love waterfalls! Your posts are fun and important. Thanks.

  3. "Eating biscuits with jam and fried catfish isn’t a sin; overeating (anything) is."

    XLNT way to put it... gotta get that tattooed on my forehead!

    Love the photo of the rooty roots... gorgeous. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    "Freedom is real.... and be able to go right along as though I ate broccoli and broiled fish the night before." I think my definition of freedom was stunted... limited. I really like reading these real life examples. They help alot!

  4. The Bible preaches moderation in all things, and the older I get, the more I realize it does mean ALL things.

    If I'd tried that trail, I wouldn't have needed to diet. I'd be dead...or maybe I'd weigh more in a full body cast.

  5. You go girl - 74 pounds is wonderful. So sometime blog aobut what things you do eat. Good luck.

  6. You are doing so well my friend - its all in moderation and your making great choices when you want to splurge - I lurve me some biscuits!


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