Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's in your thought life?

If you seriously want to lose weight, you really have to modify the way you think, and you have to change the things you say.   At no time should you give food power over you, nor let it dictate how your day is going to be.    (Food may not be your obsession, but whatever it happens to be, there is freedom over it.)

Stop saying “I can’t.”   You can.   God gave you a free will!   He was serious when He gave it to you, and He is not going to leave you alone to blindly grope along your prison walls looking for the way out.   He doesn’t give you freedom, He IS your freedom, and you can.   Yes, you can!   You must BELIEVE.   Believing what God says about you is your first step, a very vital step.  Psalm 146:7 "...the LORD gives freedom to the prisoners."

Don’t trade one obsession for another.    My history has been either obsessing because I was on a binge and couldn’t get satisfied, or obsessing over every fat gram or calorie that went into my mouth.   You can have success by doing that…but is that freedom?   It wasn’t to me!  I hated every minute of it.   My successes in counting calories were fleeting, and more pounds came back than went away.  

It has been a long hard battle to get where I am right now, and I promise you, it did not have to be that way.  God does answer prayers, but sometimes we have to be listening, even if it’s something we don’t want to hear.   Keep in mind that God really does know what’s best for you.   I never, EVER would have dreamed that giving up the staple of my diet would be the answer to my prayer; that it would fit me so perfectly, and it would be so easy.  

The only time I feel like I might be losing control and think, "I can't do this forever" is when I’m carbing it up with, for instance, Logan's yeast rolls or Mexican tortilla chips.  When I do start feeling that way, I remind myself, out loud when necessary, that I am a child of the King, I am free, and who the Son has made free is free indeed (John 8:36).   It’s a fact.   A fact!   Do you believe?

In January, I was more liberal with higher-carb foods, and I noticed that it's easier to give in to "too much" the next time when I over did it the last time.  I had to ask forgiveness for gluttony a time or two.  I have decided to tighten down again for the next few weeks because I did have some negative thoughts trying to creep in and cloud my outlook over the last few weeks, and I refuse to give into that!      

It’s real, and it’s mine!  
It can be yours, too!  

Capture those thoughts of defeat, discouragement and hopelessness and toss them away.  One roll, one cookie, even one Italian meal doesn't have to toss you into a binge!  If I notice serious cravings after I eat something, I can choose to not eat that again, or I can remember the next time I eat it that I will be dealing with cravings later on.  The choice is mine, and I may choose to eat a cookie one day!  That doesn't mean I have to eat the whole bag.   

I’m not saying that low carb is your way, but I am saying there is an answer for you.   I will also venture to say that if you are morbidly obese and obsess about food continually, you probably do have a sugar addiction.   Giving it up will change your life.  Child of God, you are not alone.

Start your journey today with some positive words to yourself.   You are in control of your free will, and you don’t have to spend one more day on a binge.   Remind yourself that you are in control, and you can make good decisions for your health.   I’m not kidding…words are powerful, and you need to TALK TO YOURSELF. 

You don’t have to start with baby steps!   I took giant steps my first week, and I lost nearly 15 pounds, too.  I was never hungry, and I didn’t obsess about every morsel I ate.  One thing I noticed right away was the constant pull for something else to eat was gone.   Without the sugar driving me, I automatically ate less.  I really could stop when I was full, and I wasn’t on the diet sidelines somewhere just waiting to pounce on my next allotted meal.   For me, that is just not freedom, and I am all about some true freedom.

Have I mentioned I have yet to start exercising?   I am pushing 70 pounds in just over five months...

Coming Soon:   I inadvertently obeyed God, and He showed me a thing or two about myself. 


  1. I agree with getting your thoughts into the proper perspective and removing "I can't". I think our minds do play a very active role in everything we do, not just with weight loss, but feelings about ourselves, how we perceive ourselves, etc. If we could exchange those thoughts with the truth of Jesus, I think a lot of things we are dealing with, weight loss included, would be a lot easier to deal with. It is a great journey you are on, even the rough times before when eating was a issue, has led you to this place where God wants you to be, which is awesome.


  2. What an encouraging powerful blog post this morning...it is our choice and we will make the right choice if we allow the spirit to lead and guide us...joyed that I discovered your blog....I am now a follower...please come say hello to me and if you desire it would bring incredible joy for you to follow me also...

  3. How many of us obey God only inadvertently? I know that's not you, Margaret, but it's certainly been many of us. Can't wait for the next part...


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