Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Musings: The Shopping Edition

Dear Old Clothes:
I’m thankful for you, truly I am.   But some of you have to go NOW.   Others of you will have to go shortly…but I’m going to let you stick around a little longer.

Dear New Clothes:
I’m getting a little excited about you!  I’m actually paying a little more attention to what I’m buying…meaning, I don’t have to buy you just because you fit!

Dear Shopping Cart:
I no longer feel I simply must have you in order to shop…which was one of the myriad of reasons I rarely visited malls.

Dear Mall:
You no longer daunt me!   I actually have visited three different establishments of your ilk in the past month, and I survived!  I not only survived, I thrived!   Well, “thrived” is pushing it just a little.

Dear Prices:
Good Grief!!   You really want me to pay THAT much for a piece of cloth?   You don’t even look like you’re put together that well.   I wonder how many washes you’d hold together through?

Dear Money:
I think I’m going to have to save you a while to be able to afford new clothes when I simply have nothing else I can get by with wearing.

Dear Seven Months Anniversary:
You will be here Wednesday.   I wonder what number you will show me on the scales?  Right now you are fluctuating and hovering around 80 pounds lost.   I hope to see 80 on Wednesday…or more, even.

Dear Hope:
It’s really nice to have you back in my life.   I can’t really remember the last time we visited.   You’ve added a little excitement to my days.  I think I’m going to allow you to move in and become a permanent part of my life.


  1. Wow! Congratulations!!! I can feel the renewed energy all the way through blogdom!

  2. Woohooo! :D Loved this post!!! :D

    It's given me a spark of hope that leaped from off of your flame.



    P.S. Hey. I'll be down in Gatlinbrrg mid-May. The week after Mother's Day. come on over.

  3. I love this; so glad to see how much your progress is doing! It will be so much fun to get the new wardrobe that you will have when you get to where you want to be. I had a friend that lost a lot of weight, she just bought basic what she needed while she was losing, few pants, few shirts, kept mixing and matching until she was ready to get the final wardrobe so to speak. That will be a fun time I think!



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