Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seven Months In...

    (Well....79.8 to be exact.   Close enough, don't you think?)   

I think one of the key factors in my success thus far, other than Christ, of course, is my attitude.  I am not stressing over every calorie, fat gram or carb that goes into my mouth.   I stay away from cookies, cake and candy (though I do have sugar free treats).   

I read blogs where people are meticulous about every morsel that goes into their mouths, and just as conscientious about weighing each day, and each pound they gain sends them into a frenzy.  They analyze and get depressed...and remember all the hard work and the things they were deprived of...and want to eat even more.  I used to be this way...and every time I made "wrong" choices, it usually began the demise of everything I'd struggled to accomplish.   (And every pound was usually a struggle.)  

Wouldn't you agree that's not freedom?

During my journey, I have fluctuated.   I have had "bad food" days and even "bad" weekends (never sugar-laden, but certainly carby), and I've gained some pounds here and there...but it was always temporary.  I never lost sight of the fact that I am free; though there are times I have to remind myself that I am free, and free indeed.   When I eat too many carbs, I end up just wanting to eat.  Those are the times when I have to tell myself that I don't have to keep eating, and those days are the only days when I have to fight the thoughts that "...maybe I'm not really free..."   That's why I choose to not eat sugar, I can certainly have a cookie, and at this point, I believe I could eat only one or only two, but I think I may have cravings later, and the taste of a cookie isn't worth the cravings, nor do I want to spend carbs on cookies.   That's what works for me...a few cookies and no pizza may be what works for you.

Do you talk to yourself?   Out loud?   You should!   Words are powerful.  When I struggle to believe the TRUTH, such as "I am free," because what I really want to do is eat, I say it out loud.  "I AM FREE!"   And if I don't believe myself, I say it again.   I quote the scriptures that I have tucked away in my heart about freedom.   We prevail...Christ and I...and I continue on my freedom journey, with Him at my side, (or sometimes leading me).  

Please do not think that I think I have all the answers.   I sure don't (But He does).  And I am in no way being judgmental toward anyone else's journey and how they are choosing to lose weight, nor am I being negative towards those who are struggling.  I'm only telling you my experience; that I keep believing I am free, and I keep walking in freedom.   When I have pizza or bread, I do not stress about it and think "I've blown it, I may as well eat a pack of cookies, too."  What I do is eat a slice or two of pizza, or eat a Subway sandwich, and I go on about my day.

I try to not eat when I'm not hungry, but sometimes I do.  It's a lot easier to stop when I'm full when I'm not full of sugar.  (I'm still working on slowing down!)

I'm not exercising very much, nor very regularly.

I am not counting carbs, nor calories...I'm only counting the pounds lost.

I am not obsessing about what I eat or don't eat.

I do not rely on my own strength.   (That's the big one.)

And I believe.   You really should remove the "I can't" from your vocabulary.  No more:

  • I can't do this.
  • I can't eat only a little of that.
  • I can't lose weight.
  • I can't. 

  • You can do this.
  • You can choose to eat only a little or none at all, but the choice is yours.
  • You can lose weight (or do whatever you need to do.)
  • You can.

Coming Soon:   Have you ever heard of the Weight Watcher's Core Plan?   Are you unsure what's the best plan of action for you?  I've done a little research I'll share with you.  


  1. This is wonderful. God is working in you. You go, Girl! Great job!

  2. "And I am in no way being judgmental toward anyone else's journey and how they are choosing to lose weight, nor am I being negative towards those who are struggling." Hmmm. Maybe just a little? But I love you anyway.

    Congratulations on your weight loss and your victory. Eighty pounds is phenomenal!


    1. Maybe my words came across in a way I didn't mean for them to. I've walked that path most of my life...and in my heart, I'm not negative toward anyone who is in this boat. I'm a little dismayed that my words may have sounded that wasn't what I intended. I simply want to keep saying that children of God can be free from the chains that bind, no matter what those chains are.

  3. I am sooooooooooooo proud of Y O U ! sandie

  4. 80 pounds down... how wonderful for you!! ***happy dance for you***

    I really felt uplifted by this post. I also like that you acknowledge there is more than one way ("That's what works for me...a few cookies and no pizza may be what works for you.")

    I've resisted doing some of the ways you are doing it, because it seemed that when I did, I immediately gained. So... I guess that means my decision was fear-based. :-} But I've been re-assessing everything, and will once again pray for wisdom to do what *I* need to do.
    I love reading of your freedom, and how it plays out in real life. That's helpful for someone like me, who is still waiting to SEE that freedom played out in my daily life. I still cling to "for it is God who works in me, to will and do of his good purpose."

    I'll admit, some days my prayer is: please don't give up on me.

    Thanks for another encouraging post!

  5. Margaret, After reading Rettakat's comment it is clear that my difficulties with reading this post where all about me. Obviously, your post gave encouragement, direction, and hope.

    Please accept my apology for my comment. I received the correction loud and clear.

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So very proud of you. Keep fighting the good fight!!!!!

  7. So proud of you Girlie! I lurve to visit you and see the progress your posting, it's very encouraging to others!

    By accident deleted your email... I'm doing fine, kids are transitioning just fine too a year later. We've got our routine's and I think that keeps things peaceful and very homey! Always busy working, not too many tea parties this last year but I'm ready to get into them again... I'm thinking up a Titanic theme for my next one, should be fun! I've brought my cross stitching out of the closet this year too that I had put away when I had my children many years ago because there was just no time to myself to daily work projects like that but now it's my favorite late evening and weekend activity.... it's calming and I lurve to see how the stitched picture is coming together. Gotta run! Lurve ya.... Janeen


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