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The Diet Plan Edition

Once upon a time...well, once upon many times I had other blogs...every now and then I will repost things from another blog.   The first part of this post is one of those days.  

I believe a good plan is never a bad idea; but I also believe that instead of relying on some “diet plan,” we should bring our bodies into subjection to Christ and be in obedience to the Bible, which tells us that gluttony is a sin.   Do I always abide by my own words?   No, but we are all works in progress, and each day is a fresh day with God's abundant mercies.  

From the research (mostly in magazines) I've done, I've put together the guide below, which may help you decide which eating plan is a better fit for you.    Keep in mind this is a very general and basic guideline, and may not be the best plan for you:
Subcutaneous Fat
·     Jiggly fat
·     You can pinch and move around fat on your hips, thighs, butt, or stomach.
·      Your stomach moves to your sides when lying flat on your back.
Visceral Fat
·      Hard belly fat
·      Waist circumference of 35 inches or larger (measured around the belly button)
·      Belly stays put when lying on your back. 

·         Is your belly bigger than your butt?

·         Is your butt bigger than your belly?
Best Eating Plan:
Low carb
·         Lean protein
·         Non-starchy vegetables
·         Small, lower carb fruits
·         Eggs, full-fat cheese
·         Lots of water

Avoid:  Sugar, white breads
Very limited:   Grains
Rarely:  Starchy vegetables
Best Eating Plan:
Carb rich
·         Beans, potatoes, fruits
·         Grains
·         Whole grain breads
∙    Drink lots of water.

Avoid:  Eating too fast, subsequently over-eating, because blood sugar rises slowly; your body needs more time to register fullness.
People with subcutaneous fat are generally prone to higher blood sugar levels, and the hormone leptin (which should act as a fuel gauge, letting you know when you’re hungry or full) gets out of whack.
Subcutaneous fat is very sensitive to insulin, and blood sugar can soar when overloaded with carbs.

People with visceral fat generally have lower blood sugar levels, with more inflammation.   The liver is your fuel regulator, but with too much visceral fat, thus too much inflammation, the liver loses its ability to regulate glucose and fats.  

During one of my many Weight Watchers attempts, I found some pretty good success with this plan, which they didn't keep around very long, for some reason.  I lost 50 pounds, but I derailed myself with using my weekly calories for sugary type things.  

Weight Watcher’s Core Plan
On this plan…learn to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.  It’s a very healthy plan, and if you have a tendency to go haywire with carbs, don’t use any extra calories (under WEEKLY heading) for anything with sugar.   It will sure sabotage you.
Lean Meat and Meat Substitutes
·   Lean beef, lamb, pork and veal (loin or round (includes sirloin steak) and trim visible fat)
·   Ground beef (7% fat or less)
·   Organ meats, fresh, frozen or canned (ew, no thanks!)
·   Poultry – Chicken and turkey, again trim visible fat, no skin
·   Ground chicken or turkey, once a day only
·   Fish and shellfish, fresh, frozen, or canned, any variety as long as not packed in fat or oil.
·   Tofu, any type
·   Frozen veggie burgers (Always be careful in restaurants…check their websites and plan ahead!)
·   Deli meats, sandwich meat in limited quantities, low fat versions, (Research and be careful with what you are honey glazed or added sugar!)
Eggs, Dairy & Cheese
·   Whole eggs or whites as long as we prepare without butter (unless fat free)
·   Eggbeaters and other egg substitutes
·   Fat-free milk, cheese and sour cream
·   Soy milk and soy cheese
·   Fat free/sugar free pudding (made with fat free milk)
·   Plain yogurt – none with sugar (add fruit or Splenda.)
·   Weight Watchers Smoothies,
·   Fat-free, sugar-free instant hot cocoa, once daily
·   No “full leaded” cheeses or milk unless you count the calories (see “WEEKLY” below.
·   Any fresh, frozen or canned fruit (no added sugar; canned must be packed in water or juice (not syrup); AND drained before eating, as they don't allow JUICE, see next item
·   No juice – (too much sugar)
·   Unsweetened applesauce
·   No dried fruits, (including raisins) too many calories and carbs
·   ANY fresh, frozen or canned veggies without any non-Core-Food ingredients, i.e. added oil or sugar.
·   Yes, corn
·   Yep, beans and lentils, fat-free refried beans are OK
·   Tomato paste, puree and sauce
·   No vegetable juices...(I think if there's not a lot of added sugar, I wouldn't worry about not drinking vegetable juice.  I'm almost certain you won't OD on carrot juice.)
·   If you make soups only with core foods.  
·   Bean soups like lentil or split pea are fine, even corn chowder
·   Bouillon broth are fine, add core foods only
·   Tomato soup is allowed
·   No cream soups, though it's OK to use soymilk or fat-free evaporated milk.
Cereal, Grain and starches
Once a day only:
·   All-grain cereal with fat-free milk or soymilk. Dry cereals:  ONLY puffed wheat or rice, shredded wheat, and all bran cereals with no added sugar. Uncle Sam’s, some Kashi cereals and Shredded Wheat.  Carefully check ingredients…NO SUGAR
·   Hot cereals suggestions: Bob's Red Mill oatmeal, Malt-o-Meal, Quaker oats, steel cut oats  
·   Add fruit, fresh, canned, or frozen (don’t forget to check for added sugar and packed in water…be sure to drain...use fresh when possible.)
·   Add a packet of Splenda if you need extra sweetness.
  • Once a day, have whole-wheat pasta, OR brown rice, OR potatoes. Note on potatoes – no French fries...unless you cook them on a Foreman grill. (Remember:  only ONE time a day).   Sweet potatoes are also allowed.  Again, ONE choice, ONE time a day!! 

Fats, Oils Dressings
·   2 teaspoons per day (NOT tablespoons) of heart-friendly oil per day such as olive oil.  Remember it is important to get your 2 teaspoons each day for Vitamin E.  You don’t want your hair falling out.
·   Nonstick cooking and baking spray
Other Free Stuff
·   Ice and water, including sugar-free, clear beverages such as diet soda
·   No-calorie sweeteners like Splenda, Equal or Sweet-n-Low.
·   Seasonings and herbs, without added sugar - read labels.
·   Fat-free salad dressing; Italian is pretty good.
·   Fat-free sour cream
·   Fat-free margarine
·   Fat-free mayonnaise
·   Extracts and flavorings. 

·       You can have 1,500 – 1,800 calories to spend each week however you want!   BE SURE to read labels, MEASURE your food!!  Calories add up fast!
·       You can use these calories for regular cereal, or real mayo, any treat, as long as you keep it within 1,500 – 1,800 calories.
·       You may choose to use none, some or all of your extra calories.

I cannot stress this enough:
***Be aware that sugar often generates cravings!!***   


  1. Lots of good info in one post! Thanks for the nudge......

    1. I sometimes think about going back to the Core plan for a while...for some variation and because it's healthier than Adkins-like eating.

  2. This is great Meg!! Thanks for gathering all this information together like this. I do agree about sugar and cravings!


  3. interesting and things to ponder

  4. Darnit. I was about to get a cookie. Thank you for the reminders!!

    1. Haha Marianne. I haven't missed cookies very much...but Pizza? That's another story!

  5. Great read!! I'm trying to eat healthier this year. I have good days and bad days. More bad days this time of year because of those darn Reese's peanut butter eggs.


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

  6. I also believe good diet plan is very good for health. It help us to keep our health good. juicing diet plans is also very nice for health. Thanks for your nice post. I love your post very much.


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